Tuesday, October 1, 2013

UK visit at Easter 2013

Hi All

Trying to do a major catch up and today I am free all day so I might get through the year! I am going back to the Easter holiday when we had a chance to go back to the UK. We stayed in Holwell as Katharine and Steve were away with the school so freeing up beds!

We had a busy old time with the high light being a trip to Cadbury World. I have wanted to go here ever since it opened - when I was a child. It's in Birmingham, about a 2 hour drive from Mum and Dad's. We had booked tickets for me, Mum, Jacob, Abi and Amy. We had a great day, a tour of the factory, a magic show, a play outside and lots of tasting of chocolate. Amy spent the most in the shop afterwards but we all did quite well. I would go back as there is an outside tour you can do but it was just too cold for that. The founders of Cadbury's built an entire community - houses, shops, schools, parks and churches for the workers and their families. It is very interesting even though it's a bit pricey. I've included a group shot from the day.

We also got to visit Ali and new baby Blake, Abi loved playing with him and changing his nappy. It was lovely catching up with Ali, Jeremy and Teddy plus meeting Blake. While we were there Dad, Allen, Jacob and Matthew were meant to be in London for the day but, due to a problem with the trains, they decided to go to Duxford air museum instead - near Cambridge. They had a good day out too, so there's a photo of Abi and Blake and one of Matthew and Jacob at Duxford.

After 6 days we returned to Belgium and I went off to Luxembourg to meet up with friends from the Falklands - Sarah, Rob, Isabelle and Elodie. We met at Viaden Castle, we've been before - see past blogs. It was fun to meet up and we had a good long day out!

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