Monday, July 9, 2012


Well we're just back from a fun and relaxing weekend in a German town called Cochem. It's in the Mosel valley and Mosel wine region. We were lucky enough to have it all booked and sorted for us by a friend called Nadine. She is German, married to an American and has Kaden aged 3 and Haley aged 7. They drove too which was great for us too. We ate and drank very well and were lucky with the weather. I've included photos from outside the hotel, looking towards the castle. We went around the castle which was interesting and did a quick wine tasting session. Abi and Haley paddled in the river with Abi collecting a heart shaped stone. I've included a photo of the boys at dinner. A brilliant weekend away.

Hair cut and other

Still updating with things that have happened over the past month. We went to a British base in Germany for a fun afternoon. There was a variety of bouncy things plus a fair ground ride. Allen had the pleasure of taking our 2 on it!
I had a varicose vein taken out, I was meant to keep the bandages on for 3 days, I managed 2 and a half. The bandage went from my thigh to my ankle and when I had it done when it happened to be the hottest day of the year so far.

Abi has had a very short hair cut. She wanted to donate her hair to a wig shop here. One of her teachers has recently lost all of her hair due to chemo and it made Abi think a lot about hair.She loves her new look and I'm liking the no tangles!

Bits and Pieces

Here are a few photos from the past couple of months. We did a day trip to Amsterdam and visited the Anne Frank House, the Diamond Museum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Ritcht Museum. A lot of places in one day but we had our museum card to use so could pop in and not worry about spending hours in any of the museums. Jacob and Abi enjoyed all of them, the photo is obviously from the Van Gogh museum.
We have joined Snow World as part of a NATO group. It means we get to ski and snowboard without having to pay each time. There's a photo of Jacob, Abi and Allen getting to the bottom.

I went on Jacob's classes trip to Zanten, a Roman town that has been recreated in Germany, about 2 hours from here. It was a great day and I'm glad it was dry.