Monday, September 24, 2007

Grandma Melrose's 3rd and final week!

Well we've had a busy week. Grandma leaves on Tuesday and the whole family will miss her. A certain boy is already looking forward to her December visit!
This weekend Grandma kindly let me and Allen have a night away in Denver. We had a great time although both wished we hadn't visited Red Square ordering a carafe of raspberry and vanilla vodka! Also sampled the wares of the Pink Martini (they are doing a drink for Breast Cancer this month and it seemed wrong not to have it!) and the bar at The Oxford Hotel. Tried a very atmospheric Tapas place called 9th Door which I'm sure we will return to. Stayed in a B&B, sounds quite British but it was very American - I think the Americans think it is very British though.
Also this week we returned to Golden so Marion could go to the Quilt Museum, she said it was excellent. Allen and I took the kids to the park and for a play in the stream at this point. There's a photo taken by Abi of us at the cafe along the river.
Today we went to Chatfield Corn Maze. Allen moaned about the admission but we all enjoyed it. It took us 30 mins to get through it and I was a bit worried that we would be there all afternoon. We came across a pumpkin field while in the maze (photo), there's also a photo of Grandma and Jacob sneaking through the wrong path.
Off out for a nice lunch tomorrow and then it'll be time to say bye to Marion until Dec 20th when she returns.
Still haven't managed to get Allen a car yet so I'll be up at 5.15am to take him to work Monday - joy of joys!
Hope everyone's well
PS Accidently added one of Allen on our night out!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Grandma Melrose's 2nd Week

Well, we've had a busy 2nd week of Grandma's holiday. We have just returned from a great few days in Breckenridge. It was Oktoberfest time while we were there and funnily enough we met someone from Tumbridge Wells. Sampled a few local beers and got a little wet. It was very varied weather while we were there ranging from lovely sun shine to snow. Abi and Jacob of course sampled some ice cream - see the photo. There's also one of Grandma and Jacob near the stream and a snowy scene of the mountain top that shows the ski runs.
On the way back to Denver we stopped at Red Rocks; for those who don't know there's a brilliant view of the city and wonderful geology that was formed millions of years ago. An amphitheatre has been cut into the rock - hoping to go and see a band play there at some point.
Had a nice tea out tonight where Jacob took a photo of his own toy camera with Daddy being silly in the back ground, he's really into photography and isn't that bad really!
Allen's sold his Saab, it gets picked up Wednesday, so we're busy trying to find another one. A convertible wasn't going to work in the winter due to the leaking roof. Have been testing driving a few cars but can't decide. Allen, of course, needs to read all the reviews. Probably a good things as I'd just choose by colour!
Hope all's well

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Our Ballerina!

Abi went to her first Ballet and Tap lesson this week. It was just a trial one but she loved it so much we had to sign her up for more lessons. So she is now kitted out with ballet shoes - courtesy of Grandma Melrose, tap shoes and a sweet pink leotard (plus tights for the winter).
I managed to watch a little bit and she took it all very seriously until she saw me and all she then did was wave!
At the moment she's watching TV wearing her ballet shoes, knickers and tiara - what a sight.
Jacob had his eye appointment at the hospital. His prescription has increased again but they said there was an improvement in the turning in so patching seems to be working - hooray. I'm mad though as the glasses we got in Denver were made incorrectly so he's been in the wrong prescription for 3 weeks. Off there this afternoon to give them what for. Asthma clinic tomorrow and maybe allergy testing too, poor boy.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Golden Days!

As promised a few photos of our day in Golden. We were going to have a picnic at the park having walked down by the river but it was a little cooler than we thought for. We did pack the picnic but ended up having a very nice brunch in a restaurant by the river. The photos are of Jacob and Abi being bears and all of us enjoying brunch - the Kir Royal wasn't bad. So it's picnic for tea instead. We also managed to pop into the Outlet Mall on the way home. I got some very nice shoes and everyone else got shorts.
Breckenridge next weekend - forcast snow there for tomorrow!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Grandma Melrose's 1st Week

Well Grandma Melrose arrived this week so I've had 2 very excited children. They were up at 6.15am on Marion's first morning. Marion, of course, was having a well deserved lay in! I managed to keep them at bay until 7.15 and then they could contain themselves no longer. Jacob has been attached to her ever since, even by passing Mummy and Daddy when it comes to picking him up from school to run to Grandma instead.

Have shown Marion the sites although there's still lots to do. Had a nice wander around Lowry (the area where Jacob and Abi's school is) popping into lots of boutiques that you can't do when you have children in toe. Visited the Denver mint which was very interesting. Do you know that paper money only lasts 22 months in circulation? Abi wasn't that fussed and kept laying on the floor entertaining everyone but Jacob was a very good boy, of course holding Grandma's hand the whole time.

Abi and I visited the zoo with friends we met through Carrie - Melissa with Aiden and Kirk with Cody. We had a lovely time and ended up joining as I think Abi and I will spend the odd afternoon there together.

Yesterday it was 'Golden Years of Lowry'. A weekend celebrating the area with stalls and activities. The local air and space museum was free so we had a good old wander around. Jacob and Abi loved the museum, you could sit in lots of the planes. There was a "train" that took you to the museum. It was very noisy and bumpy and both Marion and I came off with headaches! Luckily the museum was a big hit.

Went to a Brit BBQ last night, good to catch up with some teacher talk and hear some accents from home.

Off on a picnic in Golden today so will post some photos from that later. Photos here are of Grandma and Jacob on the train - notice Jacob's new hair cut. Jacob in a helicopter, Allen and Jacob in a Star Wars fighter plane and Abi at the zoo.

Spoke to Mum and Dad this morning and heard good news - Grandma and Grandad Holwell may be up for a visit in the Spring, I'm very excited at this news although I won't me telling Jacob and Abi just yet as they have no concept of time and they would be asking me everyday until they actually arrive!

Hope all's well with everyone


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

'Labor Day' in Colorado

I know I've spelt Labour wrong but that's how it is here. We went down to Colorado Springs to watch their Balloon festival. Off we went to the evening thing where they light them all up but it was cancelled due to the weather. Apparently it was too windy to lay out the canvases and then, once it had calmed down, it was too dark. However we did get a great view from the hotel window at 7am and then went down and enjoyed a complimentary breakfast. The photo doesn't do it justice (balloons not breakfast!). The other photos are of me and Jacob at the evening glo thing and my three children on our recent trampoline purchase. We bought it on Craigslist, a brilliant web site that I don't think you have in the UK or Page, Arizona! Other things we've been doing recently were attending a work Ball. Very American, I even got my photo taken with a bald eagle in front of the stars and stripes. Also joined a health club and attended their Labor Day BBQ at the outdoor pool. Jacob and Abi entered the splash contest - involving jumping off the diving board. I was very impressed as you wouldn't get me doing that. I would have included those photos but I missed them both times jumping in! Allen's mum arrives tomorrow so everyone is very excited about that. Off to the Denver mint with her this week and also the zoo.
Oh well better go and cook tea
PS Have tried to upload a video clip of the children twice but it won't work. If anyone has any idea how to do it let me know, you'll be amazed at how American they now sound.