Monday, September 10, 2007

Golden Days!

As promised a few photos of our day in Golden. We were going to have a picnic at the park having walked down by the river but it was a little cooler than we thought for. We did pack the picnic but ended up having a very nice brunch in a restaurant by the river. The photos are of Jacob and Abi being bears and all of us enjoying brunch - the Kir Royal wasn't bad. So it's picnic for tea instead. We also managed to pop into the Outlet Mall on the way home. I got some very nice shoes and everyone else got shorts.
Breckenridge next weekend - forcast snow there for tomorrow!


ceri said...

i love jacob's punk rock hairdo. also impressed that only the kids appear to be having dessert. you are strong people.

Rachael said...

We hadn't even had our main course! So they started with chocolate cake and then helped us out!

carriesweatland said...

Rachael - love the pictures. Makes me miss Colorado and you guys! Jacob's spiked hair is cool. I gave Jake a home-done haircut and it's rather obvious. I might have to take him to the "dam babershop". (everything in this town is called the "dam" something-or-other, as we live 5 miles from the Glen Canyon dam).
Glad to hear Allen's mum is having a good time, and that your family may visit in the spring. That would be great.
Love seeing the pictures....

ali p said...

Well rach i never fail to be amazed by your ability to write so much about what you've been up to... and here you are doing it again!
The sound of snow sounds great, i went with Jeremy - do you know about Jeremy?!!? :) - to Tignes in France with his friends in late Aug and we got 2 days of fantastic skiing in as there'd been a huge dump on the glacier. The rest of the time was spent rafting, walking, cycling and eating and drinking extremely well! I am now trying to behave myself after having endulged so much!
No hols left now until Feb when i go and visit tim and iain in sydney. Am actually meeting them in Fiji enroute. Cool eh! Ta ta for now