Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Our Ballerina!

Abi went to her first Ballet and Tap lesson this week. It was just a trial one but she loved it so much we had to sign her up for more lessons. So she is now kitted out with ballet shoes - courtesy of Grandma Melrose, tap shoes and a sweet pink leotard (plus tights for the winter).
I managed to watch a little bit and she took it all very seriously until she saw me and all she then did was wave!
At the moment she's watching TV wearing her ballet shoes, knickers and tiara - what a sight.
Jacob had his eye appointment at the hospital. His prescription has increased again but they said there was an improvement in the turning in so patching seems to be working - hooray. I'm mad though as the glasses we got in Denver were made incorrectly so he's been in the wrong prescription for 3 weeks. Off there this afternoon to give them what for. Asthma clinic tomorrow and maybe allergy testing too, poor boy.

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carriesweatland said...

Abi is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E ! Glad to hear she likes the classesm and I can just picture her dancing around. Hope Jacob's appointments go well!