Saturday, July 25, 2015

Marion's 70th Birthday

So after Cameron's 21st we had a family day and night out in Glasgow. Allen and I really enjoyed it, Jacob asked why hadn't we left them at Grandma's! We stayed in a very nice spa hotel, met up with friends for a meal out and then did the spy trail in the University district.

Grandma's 70th Birthday was a great weekend. We started on Friday with the girls going to the spa for nail treatments. On Marion's actual birthday - the Saturday - we had a relaxed day with afternoon with cupcakes, made by Abi, and pink champagne - from our trip to the Champagne region last year.

At 6pm we headed off to the venue and enjoyed 4 and a half hours of food, drinks, friends and family. A fun night was had by all. Most people then returned to Marion's and the party continued until about 1am!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Cameron's 21st Birthday

We had two reasons for coming over to Scotland, the first being our nephew, Cameron, turned 21. We

had a fun family meal out and then went back to Louise's (Allen's sister), for cake. The last time we were here to celebrate Cameron's birthday was when he was 16, not sure I put it on this blog, but if I did you can definitely see a huge change in Cameron! He now has a beard. He is hoping to go traveling  after he finishes University. It was great to see them all and the cousins enjoyed being together too.

Friday, July 3, 2015

English Conversation

Well I did my last English conversation yesterday. I have been helping out and then leading an English Conversation group for the past year and a half. It has been lovely to meet ladies from many nations who I now count as friends. I hope I can keep in touch with them all and that we will meet up at some point later in life! You never know maybe I will be able to set up a conversation group in Amman. I really enjoyed taking part in a French conversation group too. The photo below is of some of the ladies, not the whole group was there!