Monday, June 30, 2008

Vancouver Island


I've just downloaded Allen's photos from our holiday to Vancouver Island and Seattle so I'll add some more here. The first one is of us on the ferry out of Seattle. You can see the famous tower in the background. The next one is of the shell collecting on the beach on Vancouver Island. They are now washed and sitting on the front doorstep, not smelling anymore! The final photo is of Jacob and Abi in a play park that was a great hit. Allen even found a swing thing that he went on a few times.

Allen had a good week in the UK. He did a few days of work and then went to Andy's stag weekend. Sounded like they had a great time and nothing too bad happened! Allen missed Fathers Day as he was en route back here that day so we did it the next weekend. Allen also flew straight off to Ohio for a week of work so we were busy with play dates. Jacob had a week of school camp and he loved it. It was mainly older boys there so they were good with him - building lego planes and playing games with him.

This last week they were both in zoo camp. I though it would be a resounding success but little did I know! Jacob and Abi were in the same group and it didn't work at all. In the end I got out of Abi what the problem was and Jacob switched groups. The final 2 days were good. They did lots about the environment and recycling. Great but now Jacob it picking up all the rubbish he finds anywhere to recycle!

Off to DC on the 4th July. Hoping I can update this while we're there as we're there for 3 weeks. Looking forward to seeing everyone. We're staying in Jane Way with Mary and John for our 1st 2 nights and then a hotel for a week. Will be seeing Ceri, Kathryn and Juli too plus their respective families.

Hope all's well


Friday, June 13, 2008

Seattle and Vancouver


We had a great time away. Flew into Seattle and toured the Downtown area. Went across and back on the ferry ( the one you see in Greys Anatomy). Walked around Pikes Markets and went to the first Starbucks. It was an easy city to negotiate and we could have easily spent more time there. There weather was damp and drizzly - it was like that most of the week but it didn't bother us too much.

Met up with Marion in Vancouver. There's a couple of photos with her. The cruise ship she was going on looked fabulous but unfortunately we couldn't go aboard to see inside. Hope she took lots of photos. Had a lovely evening with her and Lorna and then the following morning too. We saw her off onto the boat - or ferry as Jacob and Abi said! We then left for 3 nights on Vancouver Island - photo of my lot on the ferry. VI is much bigger than I expected - larger than Cyprus. I should have done a bit more research before going. The children loved collecting shells which are now stinking out the laundry room! Didn't see any whales but had a good look round and a relax.

Allen flew off to London and I returned to Denver with the children. Off to the zoo tomorrow and various local activities over the next week or so. Hoping it'll be hot enough for the pool at the weekend as it's very windy at the moment. Our plane was extremely rocky but I kept calm!

Hope everyone's well