Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Grandma and Grandad's first week

Hi All

My Mum and Dad have been here for a week and we've had a great but busy time. I let them have a rest day the day after they landed and then off we went! We visited the Botanic Gardens in Denver. Much more pleasurable with them than with my two. I actually got to look around it all - not just roll down the hills and look for fountains to play in! I've included a photo of me and Mum in the cutting garden.

We then had a long weekend in the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Parks. It was a long drive but it was worth it. The two parks are very different. One being very scenic and the other hot pools and weird smells. We did a hike up to a waterfall and then around a lake, about a 4 miler. Everyone coped very well. I've included a photo of most of the party on a bridge during the hike. We stayed in wooden cabins and had a BBQ. We also managed to roast marshmallows - see photos. Yellowstone was more of a drive through. We saw Old Faithful but I was more impressed with the steaming grounds and the 'paintpot' basin than a 2 minute blast from a geyser. We encountered lots of bison and also saw a moose on the hike. Everyone really enjoyed the trip.

Back to school routine for the rest of the week, Jacob's got loads of homework which we need to start. Mum, Dad and me went to Red Rocks, Golden and outlet Mall shopping. All went down well. Barack Obama was in Golden at the same time as us but I doubt he had such a nice morning. Lunch by the river and a lovely walk along the river for us.

Mainly routine for the rest of the week. Jacob's got an eye appointment at the hospital and I've got to have 4 fillings. Doing a BBQ on Friday to introduce Mum and Dad to the neighbours and some other friends.

Other main news is we'll be back in the UK for Christmas and then flying off to Allen's next posting. He's being promoted and we're off to the Falkland Islands for 18 months. I was a bit shocked to start with but have been in touch with someone out there and it sounds like an interesting place. I will be really sad to leave here and will miss the skiing, school and people.

Hope all's well with everyone


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Hi All

Had a relaxing weekend. Started off with Allen getting Friday off so we went to Yoga, then lay by the pool, had lunch, went shopping, enjoyed ice cream and finally picked up the children from school! We'd booked a baby sitter from 5 to 9pm so we had a night out with the neighbours - Tim and Betsy. It was a fun night with cocktails at the Cruise Room which had been frequented by the Clinton's and, after a few more beers, we got back to sleeping children. So a good start to the long weekend. Saturday Allen played in a pool competition with Tim in aid of a cancer charity. We then had a BBQ with a few of the neighbours. There are 2 photos, one of Mallory and Abi in the jeep and then a general view of everyone next door.

Sunday started with breakfast out then shopping for shoes for school and finally swimming. Monday we went off to the Taste Of Colorado, a festival held Downtown - the photo of Jacob and Abi with a Blue Bear was outside the Expo centre. We thought we'd be able to try specialities of Denver but it was a bit too mixed for us. Allen had wanted to sample Colorado Oysters (bull's testicle's) but no luck! We finished the day with a water fight in the street to cool down.

Mum and Dad arrive in a week, can't wait. Have booked a couple of nights away for Allen and me in Boulder. A town north of here with very good restaurants.

Ballet and soccer start this week. I'm putting Abi in a more serious class so we'll see how she does. Got a DVD out to show Jacob the rules of soccer!

Off to cut our jungle of a back yard now. Hope all's well