Sunday, August 30, 2015

Visiting School

We went for a visit of Jacob and Abi's school - the International Community School of Amman, today. This is the view at the front of the school:

Abi's going into year 7, there is definitely one British girl she knows in her class so that's good. Her form tutor is the music teacher who seems very nice. Jacob's tutor is the ICT teacher so he seemed quite pleased. School looks good, will wait and see what the kids think in a week! They are both doing French and Spanish, Abi was going to do Arabic but the head of languages really talked her out of it. Thinking we might just get a tutor to come to the house for all of us. So school starts Tuesday, they are straight on the bus. I get to go to a coffee morning on Wednesday so hoping to meet some new mums then. I am taking another British Mum with me, well she's French but married to a Brit.
We had a few people over for drinks on Friday, lovely up on the roof terrace. There seems to be a boys night each week so I think I need to organise a weekly girls night too. We tried the Brit Club, it was nice to have a decent glass of wine!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

1st few weeks in Jordan

Thought I'd put on a few more photos of our first couple of weeks. So here are some of the Dead Sea and us out and about in Amman. We have tried a few restaurants, 2 quite local and one down town. We have enjoyed all of them. Alcohol is definitely more expensive than food but you can get it in most places. We are only drinking at weekends, trying to lose the 6 lbs I put on during our final month in Belgium - oh and we have joined a gym and pool at the Meridien Hotel, it's very good. Still enjoying the sunshine.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

1st Birthday in Jordan

Well we have celebrated our first birthday in Jordan, it happened to be mine - we will have to work hard on bettering

this one! I started the day with an early morning coffee in bed as Allen was off to work at 7.30am. The kids then made me pancakes and we had a very relaxed morning with Abi making cakes. We had to unpack the last few boxes as the company came to pick them up on my birthday! So I had a relax on our roof terrace until Allen came back around lunch time. He had got his work car so we opened my presents, had lunch and then had cake - all on the roof terrace.

So we were all thoroughly spoilt for the weekend. On our return we had been invited around for drinks at someone who works in the Embassy here. I now have a list of restaurants and bars to try out. We ordered a curry from one of their recommendations tonight and it was delicious - eaten up on the roof terrace.

This coming week I will hopefully be able to start driving although we now have a taxi number to use, taxi's have refused to take us anywhere so far - apparently they are not keen on picking up white women. Luckily we can walk to most things so not really a problem. I do want to take the kids to the water park, will see if I manage this week.

Definitely have space for people to visit so book those flights.


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Leaving the UK and arriving in Jordan

Well we said goodbye to the UK in style with Mum and Dad hosting a farewell BBQ for us. It was great catching up before flying to Jordan - sorry didn't take any photos!

We flew from London at 5.30pm and arrived in Amman at 12.30am on Monday morning. All was fine, I watched 2 films so it took my mind off the bumpy ride - at no point did the pilot turn on the fasten seatbelt sign - not sure the Jordanian's would have taken any notice anyway!

A huge dust storm had hit Amman earlier in the evening so we arrived to a haze with everything covered in orange dust, the moon looked very strange. Arriving to 30 degree heat dressed in jeans and boots made me look like a local, thinking my jeans will be put away for a few weeks!

We got to our apartment at 2am, it's only 30 mins from the airport so not bad, driving is to be experienced - that is all I am going to say! Abi managed to ring the bell of one of our neighbors at 2am thinking it was a light switch! We all rushed up the stairs, I did shout down sorry when they opened the door and we went and apologised the next day.

Our apartment is nice, dated and small. No dishwasher, will be buying rubber gloves ASAP. The best thing is we can walk to 3 shopping malls, one of which is brilliant, an inside games places, ice skating and go karting! I had a falafel lunch today, food and drink and it was 1.30 Dinars - just over a pound.

Our roof terrace is amazing, you'll just have to visit to see it, but for now here's a photo: