Monday, April 26, 2010

Race Point Farm - 2010


We had our final family weekend away this weekend and went back to Race Point Farm. It's a self catering cottage on the East Island so you can drive to it. I've included a photo of San Carlos, which is on the way to the farm - note the dirt track that we drove on for an hour and a half to get there! The children weren't in school as the teachers didn't make it back due to the volcanic ash so we left Friday lunchtime. The weather was great, lovely and sunny. Saw a rescue helicopter on the way that had run out of fuel! We chose to have evening meals in the farm house, so we enjoyed both nights with John, Michelle and their daughter Taliha. Jacob and Abi both had a go at horse riding and loved it. I've included photos of them on So Bold - Abi, and Pent - Jacob. We also did a walk up to Settlement Rocks. It was very windy but we still enjoyed exploring and climbing, I've put in a photo from the rocks looking down on the Settlement.

We discovered a box of Monopoly which Jacob and Abi loved so we found our travel set when we got home. I can see we'll be playing it alot!

On our return we packed for 3 hours while Jacob and Abi were round one of the neighbours. The actual packers are in on Wednesday but I want to get most of it done. I'm leaving them anything breakable or electrical. Abi's having her girls tea party on Thursday so all the boxes should be done by then and stacked up. They are being picked up Friday. We're off to the Governors in Stanley for dinner on Friday evening along with 3 couples from base and one couple we know in Stanley - should be fun. We have to move into a transit quarter for 2 weeks so ours can be decorated and our replacements can move straight in. That move starts on Saturday. We have been told to do a minimal clean as the decorators will mess it all up!

I'm still working in pre school although only 2 sessions this week. Looks like I'll be in until the day we fly! We have our address in Brampton now but still no news on where to after that. I'm busy booking holidays while we're in the UK.

Hope all's well.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Holidays


Jacob and Abi's Easter holidays have been extended by a week. All of the teachers went off island for Easter so they have all got stuck in the UK due to the volcanic ash. I did offer to work in the school but haven't heard anything. Hoping the teachers make it back soon as it's playing havoc with my packing and cleaning plans!

So this holiday has been relaxing. We obviously started it with the trip to Ascension, on our return we did local bits and pieces. I've included a photo of Jacob looking very pleased with himself after some successful stone skimming and one of Abi collecting pottery by the sea. We have since made a tile out of the pottery pieces with the help of our neighbour Jill. Abi smashed the pieces up and made a coaster in a heart shape, very impressive.

It has also snowed lightly over the last 2 days so I've added a photo of Abi outside of our house in the icy puddle!

I've had to work at pre school this week as 3 of the staff are stuck in the UK. Looks like I'll have to work on and off until we leave. I should still manage to sort the house as I'm only a helper at pre school not running it.

Off swimming with the kids on base. Hope all is well


Abi's 6th Birthday


Abi had a brilliant birthday even though lots of her friends were away as it fell during the Easter holidays. She was up nice and early, unfortunately the clocks change that night and we fell back so she was up at 5am! She loved the present opening, with her DSi being the favourite. Jacob got a bit jealous as he only has a DS - no idea in the difference although Abi's has a camera built in - very impressive! I've included a photo of her in bed with the DSi - nice and pink!

We played with all of the presents until 10am when Katie and Megan, the only 2 girls in her class here, arrived. Allen and Jacob had already left to go to Stanley for swimming in Allen's car. They had to go ahead as Allen's work car has a limiter on it meaning it can only do 40 miles an hour. This is due to the Stanley road being dangerous to drive on so all military vehicles are limited. I drove the girls in our own car. Swimming was fun, the Stanley pool is a leisure pool, unlike the one on base which is a big proper swimming pool. After swimming we went and set up in the town hall for the sale. Jacob and Allen stayed there while I took the girls to Malvinas for lunch. We had a lovely relaxing time, I've included on of the 3 girls and one of Abi with her Tinkerbell birthday balloon. Once lunch was done we went over to the sale. I gave each of them 2 pounds to spend and they had a great time looking round and getting their bargains! Abi came back with a hideous china doll, a book mark, lip gloss and a magic pen.

We delivered our car to the Doctor in Stanley as well so we are now carless. Allen drove us all back. We did cake in the restaurant at lunch time but as Allen and Jacob weren't with us we did it again at tea time so I've included one of Jacob, Abi and the cake.

Due to lots of girls being away Abi is having another celebration, this seems to be a theme with our birthdays. Once all the packing is done we're having a girls tea party, she's picked a castle cake for that one.

So an exciting and busy 6th Birthday is now over!


Monday, April 12, 2010

Ascension 2010


We are just back from a week in Ascension and I really wish we were still there. It's a lovely Island that is unspoilt by tourism. A long way to go as it's an 8 hour flight from the Falklands but well worth it. We had lots of relaxing beach time and I read a couple of books, always a good way to gauge how relaxing a holiday is I think! There are a couple of photos of Jacob and Abi in the sea and then doing hand stands - which was their favourite past time over the week!

We were there at the end of the turtle season and were hoping to see some turtles laying eggs on the beach in the evening and then hatching eggs in the morning. We went down at sunset and waited until it was pitch black but didn't see anything and then got there in the dark at 6am but missed it all again! I've included a photo of Allen and the children sitting on the wall at Long beach, you can see the turtle tracks in the sand. I've also included an early morning one, note Jacob with his useful sword that he found in the only shop in Georgetown! There were some people from base staying at the same time as us and they said they'd try and get some photos for us so I'll post them if they do. Jacob also managed to buy a toy gun at the only shop in Georgetown. Abi came back with Tattoos and bubblegum - where have I gone wrong??!!

Apart from lots of relaxing on the beaches, snorkeling and swimming in the 3 different swimming pools on the island we also took part in a Hash. They did these in Cyprus but I never took part in one. Each Saturday a group of 40 ish people get together and take part in a walk/run and then afterwards have drinks and snacks. They take turns setting the walk. You follow looking for piles of paper which shows you the route. I thought it would be a mile at the most well it took us a good hour and a half and was over quite dangerous ground. We were knackered by the end and Jacob and Abi both cut their legs as we were walking over volcanic sharp rocks. I'm glad we did it as we saw more of the island and we also met some lovely people but I was very thankful for the water and beer at the end! I've included a photo of me and Abi coming down one of the hills. At the end of this walk they did the egg decorating and rolling, which they loved.

So we arrived back to the Falklands and it's been great weather since. Jacob went off and did a watchgroup meeting in Stanley on Sunday. He searched for fish in rock pools and collected mini beasts. He was meant to be collecting tea berries but I think playing on the beach was more fun. While he was there the rest of us visited a friend in Stanley which was good as we haven't seen her for ages.

We are now in the throws of sorting for selling and sorting for packing. Still no address, we'll be at Brampton, Cambridgeshire for a few months and then it's overseas again. Won't find out where until some point in May.

Hope all is well with everyone


Easter 2010


We did two different things for Easter this year. As the same as last year Jacob and Abi entered a decorate an egg competition at school. This year Jacob chose to do a penguin and Abi a flamingo. They both made houses for their animals and I'm sure they enjoyed decorating the boxes more than sorting the actual egg! Neither of them won but they both got a cream egg for entering so they were happy. I thought they did a brilliant job, I've included a photo of them with their eggs at home.

They other thing we did for Easter was egg rolling in Ascension, there's a photo of them rolling them down the a hill at Comfortless Cove. Jacob was obviously set on destruction and Abi wanted hers to remain in one piece. They both got their wishes. Before they did the egg rolling we'd been on a Hash which I will explain in the next post.