Monday, April 12, 2010

Ascension 2010


We are just back from a week in Ascension and I really wish we were still there. It's a lovely Island that is unspoilt by tourism. A long way to go as it's an 8 hour flight from the Falklands but well worth it. We had lots of relaxing beach time and I read a couple of books, always a good way to gauge how relaxing a holiday is I think! There are a couple of photos of Jacob and Abi in the sea and then doing hand stands - which was their favourite past time over the week!

We were there at the end of the turtle season and were hoping to see some turtles laying eggs on the beach in the evening and then hatching eggs in the morning. We went down at sunset and waited until it was pitch black but didn't see anything and then got there in the dark at 6am but missed it all again! I've included a photo of Allen and the children sitting on the wall at Long beach, you can see the turtle tracks in the sand. I've also included an early morning one, note Jacob with his useful sword that he found in the only shop in Georgetown! There were some people from base staying at the same time as us and they said they'd try and get some photos for us so I'll post them if they do. Jacob also managed to buy a toy gun at the only shop in Georgetown. Abi came back with Tattoos and bubblegum - where have I gone wrong??!!

Apart from lots of relaxing on the beaches, snorkeling and swimming in the 3 different swimming pools on the island we also took part in a Hash. They did these in Cyprus but I never took part in one. Each Saturday a group of 40 ish people get together and take part in a walk/run and then afterwards have drinks and snacks. They take turns setting the walk. You follow looking for piles of paper which shows you the route. I thought it would be a mile at the most well it took us a good hour and a half and was over quite dangerous ground. We were knackered by the end and Jacob and Abi both cut their legs as we were walking over volcanic sharp rocks. I'm glad we did it as we saw more of the island and we also met some lovely people but I was very thankful for the water and beer at the end! I've included a photo of me and Abi coming down one of the hills. At the end of this walk they did the egg decorating and rolling, which they loved.

So we arrived back to the Falklands and it's been great weather since. Jacob went off and did a watchgroup meeting in Stanley on Sunday. He searched for fish in rock pools and collected mini beasts. He was meant to be collecting tea berries but I think playing on the beach was more fun. While he was there the rest of us visited a friend in Stanley which was good as we haven't seen her for ages.

We are now in the throws of sorting for selling and sorting for packing. Still no address, we'll be at Brampton, Cambridgeshire for a few months and then it's overseas again. Won't find out where until some point in May.

Hope all is well with everyone


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ceri said...

that hash sounds like fun! i could do a race every weekend if funds and family allowed.

glad you had a nice vacay.