Monday, December 24, 2007

Grandma Melrose arrives

Hi All

Marion arrived safe and sound and we have been busy over her first few days. Friday we went to the North Pole. Well actually it was Colorado Springs and Santa's Workshop. We had a brilliant time and I will take the children again. Santa was very believable and it was handy to hear that Jacob wants a Star Wars game for Christmas and Abi asked for shoes! We left as it started snowing and had a very slow drive back home. I only skidded as we turned into our road narrowly avoiding a wall! I was driving our 'new' people carrier (minivan for those Americans reading this). I love it, Allen's not keen.

Jacob came home from school with a Gingerbread house that he made with his study buddy - see photo. He's gradually been eating it! Also found out at the hospital that he's definitely allergic to eggs so we'll have to be a bit more careful with what he eats. His lung capacity has improved 300% though so his inhalers are doing the job. Next appointment for him is 7th January (eyes). Abi's fine, well apart for the let me do it, don't touch me etc.....

Saturday was the Nutcracker. It was a good performance. Only 45mins each half. At half time Jacob and Abi twirled all over the place (see photo). They both lasted very well although Abi went out 10 mins before the end as she needed the loo. So our first ballet show went down very well with everyone.

Sunday it was food shopping for taking up to Breckenridge and last minute presents. We also had 2 Christmas parties to go to. Allen and I went to one on our own which was nice and then we all went to a school one. Very successful and a nice started to the holiday.

Got to now pack the Ford up with presents, clothes, food and the tree to take up to the lodge for the week. We're taking Jacob and Abi skiing later and Marion's sorting the lodge out! Will be skiing on Christmas morning and then enjoying a huge ham plus all the trimmings.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and fun New Year


Monday, December 17, 2007

Super Skiers!

Well from the title you can probably guess what our weekend was all about! We went to Arapahoe Basin on Saturday afternoon and Jacob and Abi had a 2 and a half hour lesson. There were only three of them in their group so they got lots of tuition. Allen and I went off and skied. It got a little cold and I actually bought a nose mask as I thought I was about to get frost bite. It was warmer where the children were but when I went and got them they were cold and had had enough. Afternoon lessons may not be a good idea in the future as they were too tired. However it didn't put them off and today we skied at Breckenridge. We'd booked a private lesson with someone off of Craigslist. I then started worrying that he could be a kidnapper or child molester so had decided I was going to stay with them the whole lesson. It didn't matter as he wanted me there anyway! Jacob listened and learned, Abi was having none of it and wouldn't let anyone touch her! So after three hours Jacob was turning and snow ploughing like a pro, Abi was a demon straight down the hill and sod anyone who got in her way! The only way she'd stop was by falling over and that was only if someone was in the way. Not sure what we're going to do with her so any suggestions would be appreciated. We stayed the Saturday night in a house belonging to someone through Allen's work. It was great, 4 bedrooms and very cosy. Even better that it was free. So we hope to go lots more. We've booked Greg (the private ski instructor) for 2 more half days while we're up next week so are hoping that Jacob will then be skiing anywhere and I'm not quite sure about my darling Abi! You should have seen me shouting as she was heading for a tree! As you will see from the photos she is wearing a helmet.
No other news. Very busy over the next couple of weeks so I should have a variety of photos to post. Marion arrives Thursday and we're getting her busy straight away with a visit to Santa Land (or something like that) down at Colorado Springs. Jacob and Abi are very excited over meeting Santa so I hope he's good. Last year they met him in a small Forest in Melrose that was very believable so this one will hopefully be as good.
Have a festive and fun time

Sunday, December 9, 2007

First Sledging!

Hi All
Have just returned from our local park after a morning of sledging (Carrie you may recognise it). Everyone had a great time. Allen is now clearing our driveway and the children are playing out the front. We had a bout 4 inches of snow over the last 24 hours and it's just lovely in the sunshine for playing. Not sure how good it'll be to make a snowman but I'll find out after lunch!
Had a busy week at school as I've been helping with the book fair. Hopefully made lots of money/books for school. Also went to a fund raising Casino night which was good fun.
Christmas dos start this week with a wives one and British one. Will go weather dependent. Definitely going skiing next weekend and are booking the children into lessons Saturday and Sunday so we'll see how it goes.
Jacob's off for his asthma clinic this week, all seems fine with him. Had his first semester report card and he's doing brilliantly. He knows all his numbers to 100 and all his letters. I have had no part in this! He's getting on well with his Spanish and is so enthusiastic about school. I am really not looking forward to the 3 months off over the summer as Jacob moans when it's Saturday! Abi's being good at school too.
Hope all's well with everyone

Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas is coming!

Hi All
Well we put up our Christmas decorations today and I bet you wouldn't be able to guess who was the most excited? Jacob and Abi helped for about 30 mins and then reverted to playing with long lost toys that had to be moved to allow the tree to be put up. Allen hoovered and then disappeared upstairs with the children. I then had a lovely couple of hours sorting everything out. I will post a picture next week in front of the tree. Have to get lots of photos of Jacob prior to Christmas as after this weeks visit to the dentist,where he informed me that Jacob will be loosing all his front teeth by Christmas, it won't be a pretty sight! I thought this happened around 6 but apparently not. Got all the lights up too so we're looking rather festive. Most of our street have put lights up too so we have reindeer, santas, snowmen and some tasteful lights too!
There's a photo of Jacob and Abi doing snow angels on our driveway before school one day this week. Not loads of snow but enough to play in. The mountains had a foot yesterday. Still haven't managed to get up to ski but maybe next weekend. Did go and get Jacob more snow trousers and boots today and Abi a new ski jacket.
Also a photo from a recent visit to the zoo in the snake part - very impressive. You may notice Abi has a new hair cut. She sat beautifully for the cut. At the dentist she was an angel and actually enjoyed it - mad girl. Jacob however howled his way through the appointment.
Busy week with a school fundraiser - Casino night, plus book fair too.
Hope all's well with everyone