Monday, December 24, 2007

Grandma Melrose arrives

Hi All

Marion arrived safe and sound and we have been busy over her first few days. Friday we went to the North Pole. Well actually it was Colorado Springs and Santa's Workshop. We had a brilliant time and I will take the children again. Santa was very believable and it was handy to hear that Jacob wants a Star Wars game for Christmas and Abi asked for shoes! We left as it started snowing and had a very slow drive back home. I only skidded as we turned into our road narrowly avoiding a wall! I was driving our 'new' people carrier (minivan for those Americans reading this). I love it, Allen's not keen.

Jacob came home from school with a Gingerbread house that he made with his study buddy - see photo. He's gradually been eating it! Also found out at the hospital that he's definitely allergic to eggs so we'll have to be a bit more careful with what he eats. His lung capacity has improved 300% though so his inhalers are doing the job. Next appointment for him is 7th January (eyes). Abi's fine, well apart for the let me do it, don't touch me etc.....

Saturday was the Nutcracker. It was a good performance. Only 45mins each half. At half time Jacob and Abi twirled all over the place (see photo). They both lasted very well although Abi went out 10 mins before the end as she needed the loo. So our first ballet show went down very well with everyone.

Sunday it was food shopping for taking up to Breckenridge and last minute presents. We also had 2 Christmas parties to go to. Allen and I went to one on our own which was nice and then we all went to a school one. Very successful and a nice started to the holiday.

Got to now pack the Ford up with presents, clothes, food and the tree to take up to the lodge for the week. We're taking Jacob and Abi skiing later and Marion's sorting the lodge out! Will be skiing on Christmas morning and then enjoying a huge ham plus all the trimmings.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and fun New Year



carriesweatland said...

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Send our best to the kids, from Jake and Annie.

carriesweatland said...

Hope your skiing holiday was great. Heard on the news you got snow.

A funny coincidence: I have an Aunt on my mom's side who has been researching our genealogy. Her records took us back to Germany through the mid-1800's. Then she did the National Geographic GENOGRAPHIC project, where they take your DNA and match it gene-based to different regions of the world. She had the mother's DNA, which is passed along to only females, evaluated. Anyway, they match you on a scale of 0-300 with the higher the number, the more you match an area. It came up 251 for Strathclyde, Scotland and 147 for Dundee, Scotland. Everything after that fell into much less significant numbers. How strange?

Raywhent said...

Hi Second Cuz

Glad you and yours are all well and clearly enjoying the Festivities. Great photo's.
We had a great Christmas. Chris and Jane arrived from Spain on Xmas Eve and returned yesterday. They were a great help in motivating us to get cracking with selling the house and called in the Agents! Hopefully it will not be too long before we join them.

Good to see you at your Nan's service, I cannot imagine I am her eldest surviving relative, but am feeling my age these days (76). She was a great Aunt to me and I loved her dearly. Your Mother phoned on 30th and all well that end.

Take care

Lots of Luv

Ray & Maureen