Monday, December 17, 2007

Super Skiers!

Well from the title you can probably guess what our weekend was all about! We went to Arapahoe Basin on Saturday afternoon and Jacob and Abi had a 2 and a half hour lesson. There were only three of them in their group so they got lots of tuition. Allen and I went off and skied. It got a little cold and I actually bought a nose mask as I thought I was about to get frost bite. It was warmer where the children were but when I went and got them they were cold and had had enough. Afternoon lessons may not be a good idea in the future as they were too tired. However it didn't put them off and today we skied at Breckenridge. We'd booked a private lesson with someone off of Craigslist. I then started worrying that he could be a kidnapper or child molester so had decided I was going to stay with them the whole lesson. It didn't matter as he wanted me there anyway! Jacob listened and learned, Abi was having none of it and wouldn't let anyone touch her! So after three hours Jacob was turning and snow ploughing like a pro, Abi was a demon straight down the hill and sod anyone who got in her way! The only way she'd stop was by falling over and that was only if someone was in the way. Not sure what we're going to do with her so any suggestions would be appreciated. We stayed the Saturday night in a house belonging to someone through Allen's work. It was great, 4 bedrooms and very cosy. Even better that it was free. So we hope to go lots more. We've booked Greg (the private ski instructor) for 2 more half days while we're up next week so are hoping that Jacob will then be skiing anywhere and I'm not quite sure about my darling Abi! You should have seen me shouting as she was heading for a tree! As you will see from the photos she is wearing a helmet.
No other news. Very busy over the next couple of weeks so I should have a variety of photos to post. Marion arrives Thursday and we're getting her busy straight away with a visit to Santa Land (or something like that) down at Colorado Springs. Jacob and Abi are very excited over meeting Santa so I hope he's good. Last year they met him in a small Forest in Melrose that was very believable so this one will hopefully be as good.
Have a festive and fun time

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carriesweatland said...

How fantastic! Glad everyone enjoyed it so much -- hopefully it becomes an activity you can enjoy as a family for a lifetime.