Thursday, February 26, 2009

Walker Creek and Mount Pleasant


Went for a hike up Mount Pleasant. It's a small hill that has 3 memorials on it. We started with a picnic at the bottom and then hiked up to one of the crosses. I've included a photo of Jacob and Abi with a lovely view of the coast and the base in the background.

Allen's had a few days off so we went away for our first night. The only place available was Walker Creek. It's about a 2 hour drive and is a self catering huge house. It's only got an Aga, which was an experience. It's in the middle of nowhere, right on the coast. We had a lovely walk along the beach, throwing stones into the water as we went. I've included a photo of on the beach. I think Jacob and Abi loved playing in the puddles the best! We're going to see if any neighbours fancy a night there as it would be fun with others and the house is definitely big enough.

Allen's off out to the Mess tonight and I'm going to a lecture about the 1982 conflict and living here while it was happening. Should be interesting. I'm working as lead teacher in pre school next week so I've got a bit of preparation to do for that. Also selling some Arbonne stuff at a craft fair here on Saturday. Allen doing a charity run too. So once again a hectic schedule.

Hope all's well,


Cape Pembroke


Bit late posting this as we went over a week ago but I've been really busy. I thought life here would be slow and I'd have read all I wanted to and have lots of time to write my blog and shop on the Internet. How wrong I was!

We had a fun trip to Pembroke lighthouse. It's a lighthouse that was used on the rocky coast of Stanley. It did help even though at least 150 ship wrecks have been found around the island over the last 150 years. Ships came to the Falklands during the California gold rush to re-stock. They still do come here to re-stock but mainly to fish these days. You pick up the key for the lighthouse from the museum. The key is heavy and is about a foot long! Abi carried it for all of a minute. We went with another family as, when you drive there, you can get stuck in the mud - weather dependent. We were fine and parked and walked the last mile. It was a good walk for the children as it was over the sand and dunes. With 4 of them they kept each other going and had fun rolling all over the place. Once at the lighthouse you could climb right to the top. You'd never be allowed in the UK due to health and safety issues - high ladder and small railing at the top. There was a great view from the top, we saw 2 whales playing in the sea. I've included a few photos of the children, the extra kids are Thomas and Finlay. Thomas is in Jacob's class.

After the lighthouse we went to Surf Bay. We'd got Jacob and Abi shortie wet suits and they wanted to give them a go. First they had great fun playing in the sand dunes (see photo) and then they ventured into the sea. Way too cold for me but they had a lovely time. Luckily the other dad - Ruary, went in too so we didn't have to worry too much. Allen went for a run and I enjoyed the sun! Everyone had a great day, Allen thought it was his best so far.

Will get onto the next posting!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mare Harbour Boat trip


Jacob, Abi and me went on a quick boat trip this morning that was well worth it. First of all it was free and we also saw loads of penguins and a few dolphins too. The weather was great and it only started to rain as we docked back in port. The boat took us to a small island that was only about 10 mins away. It then lowered the back bit (landing thing) and we had to walk off through the sea. I had worn shoes that can go in water and, luckily, other people carried Jacob and Abi off as the water would have easily gone over the top of their wellies. We then had to walk to find the penguins. I've included photos of both of them with penguins. We had a snack on the beach with the penguins swimming in the background. On the walk back to the boat we saw a seal on the beach. It had a cut in it's side - not fatal, but we think it was waiting for higher tide and for the cut to heal a bit. Someone said that the killer whales would be attracted to it if they smelt it's blood in the water. Got back on the boat and the crew went in search of dolphins. Funnily enough they were back in the harbour so we stopped for a good 10 mins just off the dock. I took some photos but they just look like dots in the sea! It was lovely to watch them as they jumped out of the sea. There were 3 of them all playing together.

So we had a great morning. We did get rather wet as the water comes over the sides of the boat quite frequently. No one really minded although Abi was being a bit of a whinge by the time we eventually docked! I was pleased to have been so close to the penguins. Again they are rather smelly and not cuddly!

Hope all's well


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chef Wilson??


Allen was in a Ready Steady Cook competition last night. We sat at his table and he, and 2 proper chefs cooked a meal in 90 mins. They had a surprise box of food for the night. We had 10 people at our table and it was all good fun. The food produced was excellent. Allen came 3rd out of 4 but the scores were very close. I was impressed by all the courses - fish wrapped in palma ham, followed by lamb encroute with pureed sweet potatoes, asparagus and new pots and finally a yummy chocolate molten cake. The winners were the most experienced chefs but everyone had a fun time so that was what mattered to us!

I've included a photo of the happy chef, he got to keep the outfit. Off out tonight and Wednesday, does it ever calm down here? Lovely and sunny too so I'll be off out for a walk later. Oh, actually managed to go to the gym but it was full of men - nice to look at but it did put me off working out!

Hope all's well


Sunday, February 8, 2009



Jacob and Abi have now got new certificates for their walls. Jacob was invested as a member of the 1st Falklands Beaver group. There's a photo of him and his friend Harry receiving their woggles, badges and a certificate. He's enjoying it and has already got his fitness badge with another on the way. Apparently they have now invented a glue that sticks on the badges to his Beaver sweatshirt so that's handy!

Both Abi and Jacob received certificates at school during their Celebration Assembly. Abi got 2, one for good phonic work and the other is one they collect stickers for all the time and get the certificate once they have 10 on their chart. Jacob got one for eating well at lunchtime and not making a fuss! I've included all the relevant photos of the presentations.

We went to Fitzroy today, it's the place where the Galahad was attacked and Simon Weston received major burns. Quite a few people died there according to the memorials. We all had a great time exploring the beach and rock pools. Abi tripped and was wet up to her knees within 10 mins of being there but we managed to stay for a good hour an a half. Most of Jacob's time was spent throwing stones/slate into the sea and Abi dug in the mud. Posted a photo of them at the memorial and ones playing.

Allen's now off for a run as the sun is out and I'm going to the play park with the kids. Should go for the run too really, oh well!

Hope all's good


Sunday, February 1, 2009


Hi All
Yes it is summer here and I have sunburn to prove it. I've been really careful with the children but forgot about me. I worked in pre school for 2 mornings, lovely kids and really well run so it's not going to be too hard to take on in April. We were out in the garden but it was windy so I didn't notice the sun. Later I walked to school and walked the children home and then we played in the park for a good half hour. So too much sun for me. Was going to go to the gym but the weather was so good I decided to go for a walk. Two of my neighbours were going up Mount Harriet so I joined them. It's just outside Stanley and was a place the Argentine's dug in during the war. We saw the dug outs, old shoes, tins and wires too. There's a memorial up there as 2 Brits died in that particular battle. I've included a photo from the memorial looking down to the coast. As we were walking up I tried 2 of the Island's most common berries, the Tea Berry - tastes a bit like candy floss and the Diddle-Dee Berry - more sour but plenty of them. People make jam from the Diddle-dee ones and I'll have to try just to say I've made it with such a strange named berry!

So no wool spinning for me this week due to working at pre school but will try and go this coming week. Jacob went to his first birthday party, all boys and Star Wars themed so he was happy. Abi went for cake and then swimming so she wasn't left out. Had people round for dinner Saturday night which went well and then it was a family Sunday lunch at the Mess today so no cooking. Good choice of everything and nice people there too. We also put together Jacob and Abi's bikes and then did some riding lessons. I've included photos of them both. Jacob went a bit further on his own than Abi but they both had a good try and we'll do more during the week.

I got 2 books out from the library about the Falklands. One was a Lonely Planet Guide and the other a diary about the invasion written by a Falkland Islander. He's doing weekly talks for the next month which Allen and I are going to try and go to. I'm off to learn how to change a tyre on a four wheel drive car and will also be in pre school. The primary school is being OFSTEDed this week so that'll be interesting. We're going in to see their teacher, not sure if this would have happened normally or if it's due to the inspection.

Anyway bedtime for the kids is calling, hope all's well. Hoping to get out on a helicopter next weekend once we've worked out how to book a flight!