Sunday, February 8, 2009



Jacob and Abi have now got new certificates for their walls. Jacob was invested as a member of the 1st Falklands Beaver group. There's a photo of him and his friend Harry receiving their woggles, badges and a certificate. He's enjoying it and has already got his fitness badge with another on the way. Apparently they have now invented a glue that sticks on the badges to his Beaver sweatshirt so that's handy!

Both Abi and Jacob received certificates at school during their Celebration Assembly. Abi got 2, one for good phonic work and the other is one they collect stickers for all the time and get the certificate once they have 10 on their chart. Jacob got one for eating well at lunchtime and not making a fuss! I've included all the relevant photos of the presentations.

We went to Fitzroy today, it's the place where the Galahad was attacked and Simon Weston received major burns. Quite a few people died there according to the memorials. We all had a great time exploring the beach and rock pools. Abi tripped and was wet up to her knees within 10 mins of being there but we managed to stay for a good hour an a half. Most of Jacob's time was spent throwing stones/slate into the sea and Abi dug in the mud. Posted a photo of them at the memorial and ones playing.

Allen's now off for a run as the sun is out and I'm going to the play park with the kids. Should go for the run too really, oh well!

Hope all's good


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