Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mare Harbour Boat trip


Jacob, Abi and me went on a quick boat trip this morning that was well worth it. First of all it was free and we also saw loads of penguins and a few dolphins too. The weather was great and it only started to rain as we docked back in port. The boat took us to a small island that was only about 10 mins away. It then lowered the back bit (landing thing) and we had to walk off through the sea. I had worn shoes that can go in water and, luckily, other people carried Jacob and Abi off as the water would have easily gone over the top of their wellies. We then had to walk to find the penguins. I've included photos of both of them with penguins. We had a snack on the beach with the penguins swimming in the background. On the walk back to the boat we saw a seal on the beach. It had a cut in it's side - not fatal, but we think it was waiting for higher tide and for the cut to heal a bit. Someone said that the killer whales would be attracted to it if they smelt it's blood in the water. Got back on the boat and the crew went in search of dolphins. Funnily enough they were back in the harbour so we stopped for a good 10 mins just off the dock. I took some photos but they just look like dots in the sea! It was lovely to watch them as they jumped out of the sea. There were 3 of them all playing together.

So we had a great morning. We did get rather wet as the water comes over the sides of the boat quite frequently. No one really minded although Abi was being a bit of a whinge by the time we eventually docked! I was pleased to have been so close to the penguins. Again they are rather smelly and not cuddly!

Hope all's well


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carriesweatland said...

Who would have ever thought Penguins are smelly? I guess I've never been up close to one. Sounds like you are having a good time and seeing lots of things. It's been quiet here -- we've all been fighting colds. Work is still good and busy. We're thinking of planning an April getaway, as we could all use a vacation. I love seeing your pictures! Say hi to Jacob and Abi for us, Our best, Carrie