Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cape Pembroke


Bit late posting this as we went over a week ago but I've been really busy. I thought life here would be slow and I'd have read all I wanted to and have lots of time to write my blog and shop on the Internet. How wrong I was!

We had a fun trip to Pembroke lighthouse. It's a lighthouse that was used on the rocky coast of Stanley. It did help even though at least 150 ship wrecks have been found around the island over the last 150 years. Ships came to the Falklands during the California gold rush to re-stock. They still do come here to re-stock but mainly to fish these days. You pick up the key for the lighthouse from the museum. The key is heavy and is about a foot long! Abi carried it for all of a minute. We went with another family as, when you drive there, you can get stuck in the mud - weather dependent. We were fine and parked and walked the last mile. It was a good walk for the children as it was over the sand and dunes. With 4 of them they kept each other going and had fun rolling all over the place. Once at the lighthouse you could climb right to the top. You'd never be allowed in the UK due to health and safety issues - high ladder and small railing at the top. There was a great view from the top, we saw 2 whales playing in the sea. I've included a few photos of the children, the extra kids are Thomas and Finlay. Thomas is in Jacob's class.

After the lighthouse we went to Surf Bay. We'd got Jacob and Abi shortie wet suits and they wanted to give them a go. First they had great fun playing in the sand dunes (see photo) and then they ventured into the sea. Way too cold for me but they had a lovely time. Luckily the other dad - Ruary, went in too so we didn't have to worry too much. Allen went for a run and I enjoyed the sun! Everyone had a great day, Allen thought it was his best so far.

Will get onto the next posting!


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