Thursday, February 26, 2009

Walker Creek and Mount Pleasant


Went for a hike up Mount Pleasant. It's a small hill that has 3 memorials on it. We started with a picnic at the bottom and then hiked up to one of the crosses. I've included a photo of Jacob and Abi with a lovely view of the coast and the base in the background.

Allen's had a few days off so we went away for our first night. The only place available was Walker Creek. It's about a 2 hour drive and is a self catering huge house. It's only got an Aga, which was an experience. It's in the middle of nowhere, right on the coast. We had a lovely walk along the beach, throwing stones into the water as we went. I've included a photo of on the beach. I think Jacob and Abi loved playing in the puddles the best! We're going to see if any neighbours fancy a night there as it would be fun with others and the house is definitely big enough.

Allen's off out to the Mess tonight and I'm going to a lecture about the 1982 conflict and living here while it was happening. Should be interesting. I'm working as lead teacher in pre school next week so I've got a bit of preparation to do for that. Also selling some Arbonne stuff at a craft fair here on Saturday. Allen doing a charity run too. So once again a hectic schedule.

Hope all's well,



ceri said...

wow, it looks really boring out there!


carriesweatland said...

You are keeping busy & on the go! That is good, though. We've been a bit busy here, but with rather boring details - like work and colds. I'm winding down on my long-term sub, and I'm excited for a little break. I think I'm taking the kids to Phoenix to see my sister and do big-city things. We're saving a larger vacation for later. Brian got a promotion here, which is exciting. But it also means that we'll have to move out of our government house. We'll have a bit of time, but we'll start searching for a place to rent here soon. Not much else to report from now. I enjoy keeping up with and seeing your pictures. Our best to you, Carrie and family