Friday, December 25, 2015

December 2015 - Jordan

Hi All

Had a busy December. Abi was in a Mid Summer Nights Dream, she played Mustard Seed - a fairy. She did a great job, really clear and good stage presence. I have a feeling she will want to tread the boards again! She also joined the school choir so took part in quite a few Christmas singing performances at various locations around Amman. Jacob has continued with his basketball and should play even better now having received new basketball boots for Christmas and also a book on how to play better! Jacob and I went and saw the Harlem Wizards play basketball. I have included a photo of him and me with a photo of the King in the background!

I have been volunteering at Jacob and Abi's school for the past term and was interviewed for the SENCO job. I got it and will start full time in January. Special Needs has alway been an area I have wanted to work in so I am very excited.

Christmas has been relaxing. Lovely and sunny here and we managed to have a drink on the roof terrace. We are off to celebrate New Year in sunny Cyprus. Going to Nicosia for a few days and then a couple of days with friends. Can't wait.

Happy Christmas and have a fun filled 2016 - we plan to!