Monday, October 19, 2009

Another Celebration Assembly.

Hi Everyone

We've had another busy week which finished with Jacob and Abi's school Celebration Assembly. These are get togethers at school when the parents come in a see what the children have been doing and the certificates are given out. Jacob and Abi's topic has been about the Great Fire of London in 1666. They have learnt a lot and so have we! Did you know only 6 people died in the fire, even though most of London had to be rebuilt. Anyway, they were both in a play written by the children about the fire. Jacob was Thomas, the baker who was responsible for the fire, and Abi was his wife. They were brilliant and I've included a photo from their performance. Abi was brought in 2 days before the performance as 2 children suddenly went on holiday, so she was given a certificate for doing so well. They both got their smiley certificates - an ongoing reward system in their class. Jacob got his number 5 which meant he got a dib in the treasure box. He came back with a packet of jumping beans! Abi got her number 4 smiley. There is a photo of them getting these certificates too.

On Saturday afternoon we went to a Fun Day at Port Harriet - a field on the way to Stanley. It was very windy and strange. Not what we had expected. It was literally a big gathering with a BBQ, sheep and lots of Falkland Islanders drinking. Jacob did a potato and spoon race and won. Abi just jumped up and down on a big blue mat. We lasted 20 mins and then went back to the cafe on base for cakes! That night Allen and I went to Trafalgar Night in the Mess. A good night. I sat next to a Naval Officer called Alan Wilson and an Army Officer. The Navy bloke was nice to chat to but the Army officer was very Army. He's itching to go to Afghanistan even though he has 2 young kids and a wife, I don't understand it, but as he said, it's what he's joined up to do. He doesn't want to be down here, so funnily enough I found him hard to talk to. Had a fun evening though, never been to a Navy night before, lots of booze and singing. I was good and stopped drinking at the end of the meal unlike Allen who has suffered today. Allen has been good though as he took the children swimming with a hangover while I went to pre school. Had lunch altogether at the Mess and ended up in the cafe again!
Abi and I had an arty session this afternoon. We made plaster of paris magnet things and windmills, there's a photo of Abi with hers.

Busy with pre school stuff this week, half term the following week when we are off staying at 2 different farms.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gappy Abi!


Abi has 'lost' her top tooth. It was loose but, with a helpful hit from Jacob, it stuck at a weird angle. It kept bleeding when she ate anything and looked very strange. Allen phoned our dentist (I have his 2 little boys in pre school) and, luckily, he had a free hour. So Allen took her up, I was actually in the gym, and he decided to pull it out. They did numb it but he pulled it out with his finger so it was pretty wobbly. Abi was very brave, Allen not so much - I learnt this from the dentist who I phoned to see what had happened. Allen and Abi went to the cafe afterwards and Abi managed a whole big cake so I wasn't too worried about her! I've included a photo of her on a friend's trampoline, dressed as a wizard with her gap showing.

Have also been to the Conservation Ball since updating the blog. It was a fun night. We even got our picture in the Penguin news = the only paper printed in the Falklands. I've been to book club, read one about a Chinese Dancer, very good, especially as I thought I would hate it! Also had a ladies dinner that was good too.

Had children for a sleep over on Saturday. They were very well behaved, except Abi. The 3 boys did as they were told but Abi was Abi really. She was up at 4am and, after I gave her a cuddle, went back to sleep until 6am - great fun. We were then at a 4th birthday party the next day and Abi lost it because she was so tired. Jacob went to the cinema with Allen; Allen had organised a Dad's day to see Transformers 2 - mainly for the dads I reckon.

Had parent conferences today. Their teacher gave them glowing reports. It was nice to hear that about Jacob as his behaviour at school last term was a problem. The worst thing about Abi was that she takes a while to get in from playtime because she is so busy talking to everyone on the way - wonder where she gets that from??!!

So Allen's out tonight with work, I'm off to a ladies drink thing Tuesday and it's Trafalgar Night Saturday so we're busy as ever.

Hope all is well