Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gappy Abi!


Abi has 'lost' her top tooth. It was loose but, with a helpful hit from Jacob, it stuck at a weird angle. It kept bleeding when she ate anything and looked very strange. Allen phoned our dentist (I have his 2 little boys in pre school) and, luckily, he had a free hour. So Allen took her up, I was actually in the gym, and he decided to pull it out. They did numb it but he pulled it out with his finger so it was pretty wobbly. Abi was very brave, Allen not so much - I learnt this from the dentist who I phoned to see what had happened. Allen and Abi went to the cafe afterwards and Abi managed a whole big cake so I wasn't too worried about her! I've included a photo of her on a friend's trampoline, dressed as a wizard with her gap showing.

Have also been to the Conservation Ball since updating the blog. It was a fun night. We even got our picture in the Penguin news = the only paper printed in the Falklands. I've been to book club, read one about a Chinese Dancer, very good, especially as I thought I would hate it! Also had a ladies dinner that was good too.

Had children for a sleep over on Saturday. They were very well behaved, except Abi. The 3 boys did as they were told but Abi was Abi really. She was up at 4am and, after I gave her a cuddle, went back to sleep until 6am - great fun. We were then at a 4th birthday party the next day and Abi lost it because she was so tired. Jacob went to the cinema with Allen; Allen had organised a Dad's day to see Transformers 2 - mainly for the dads I reckon.

Had parent conferences today. Their teacher gave them glowing reports. It was nice to hear that about Jacob as his behaviour at school last term was a problem. The worst thing about Abi was that she takes a while to get in from playtime because she is so busy talking to everyone on the way - wonder where she gets that from??!!

So Allen's out tonight with work, I'm off to a ladies drink thing Tuesday and it's Trafalgar Night Saturday so we're busy as ever.

Hope all is well



Mum at Holwell said...

I like your wizard costume Abi. Are you going to wear it at haloween? I am going to dress up as a witch.

I love you and I love you too Jacob.

love from Amy

carriesweatland said...

Hi There! Abi looks so old with her missing teeth. I love the outfit, too. Yes, we are still in the same house, and hopefully we'll be staying here for a bit. Did our package ever arrive to you? The lady at the post office here seemed a little confused by the address, but I filled out the cutoms form and it was sent off. Perhaps it just takes a bit longer than normal. Not much else o report here. Work has been good. I've now gotten back all my certifications, which is a relief to have finished. The kids have been sick with various illnesses. Not sure if it is the hyped-up swine flu or not. I didn't even bother with the doctors, as they're back logged. Brian is back to Denver for two weeks, and I wish we could go with them. They've opened some slopes already, as snow has started early. Perhaps this will be the year we finally go. Say hello to everyone for us! Carrie