Wednesday, August 29, 2007

First few weeks in Denver

Hi, well I've finally managed to start this thing. Thank you Carrie! It's actually been my 2 American friends that have got me going on this. We have now been in Denver about 8 weeks and are just about settled. Jacob and Abi started school today and all went very smoothly. Allen is in DC for a few days so I'll probably get more done now! Am posting some recent photos. 2 are from my birthday trip to the mountains. We had a great time. It was strange being there without snow, however there has been a dusting of snow this week, can't believe it as the weather here is gorgeous. There's also a picture of Allen and kids in a fountain, the jet just hitting Allen. Also a recent camping trip to Colorado Springs which most of the family thoroughly enjoyed - can you guess who wasn't as keen? And finally Jacob and Abi's first day at school. I now have 2 very tired children so it'll be 6.30 bedtime - hooray!