Sunday, October 19, 2008

Soccer, Skiing and Super Heroes!


It was Jacob's last soccer game for the Fall season. He played brilliantly and his team won. We all went for ice cream afterwards. I've included a team photo plus his coach Emily.

Then after lunch we set off to ski. One run was open. It was a bit steep for Abi and, after trying to get her down on her own a ski instructor kindly stopped and helped. I think he realised that I was about to kill her or leave her on the mountain. He was very patient with her and then skied her down to an easier part - where she was fine. Jacob and Allen went up a few times and Jacob was just about back to his parallel turns. Abi and I played in the snow at the bottom. It was a lovely warm day and was fun in the sun and snow. We returned to enjoy pizza and beer with the neighbours next door.

Today is Super Hero party. Jacob's Mr Incredible and Abi's changing her mind all the time. In the photo she's Spiderman but at this moment in time she's Superman. We leave in 10 mins so perhaps she's remain as Superman, who knows!! It's Dylan's, in Abi's class, 5th birthday party. I booked Jacob's party at a big play place. He can actually have it on his birthday - 10th Nov as it's a day off school for them.

Better get to this party.

Hope all's well


Friday, October 17, 2008


Fall has arrived, I've put in a photo of the tree in our front garden that is beautiful at the moment. I like the ghosts on it too that Abi and Jacob made. We're all decorated for Halloween. Abi came down at 3am this week to ask me when Halloween was, perhaps we've put the decorations up too early!!!??

2 ski areas are also open so Allen was tasked with buying lift tickets today. So we're off skiing tomorrow after Jacob's final soccer game - scheduled at 8am! The snow in the resort we are going to is only artificially made by the blowers, although they have had a bit of snow up there. Should be nice and warm to ski.

Busy selling things on Craigslist as we are 13% over. Allen is determined we will get rid of the electric piano, I however am determined we won't so I'm resorting our boxes.

Leave for California next weekend, can't wait to do Disney, Legoland and Sea World. I have booked a character breakfast and I also want to go to the Ariel lunch, Allen's not keen!

Busy clearing the house and creating loads of recycling, can't believe how much stuff we have. Anyway better get back to it. Hope all's well with everyone.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pikes Peak


Mum, Dad and me had a night away and decided to go down South to the Royal Gorge and also to visit Pikes Peak. Both locations were worth the drive. The Royal Gorge was impressive and very empty so we managed a cable car ride across, a quick look at the wildlife park, a wonder across the actual bridge and a cage ride down to the bottom of the Gorge, coffee and ice cream all in 2 hours. I didn't get any great photo of this part of the trip unfortunately.

We then stayed in Manituo Springs (Old Colorado Springs) so we could get to the Pikes Peak Cog Railway by 8.30am the next day. We had brilliant seats at the back of the train and I got some good photos. There's one out of the back window showing the steep track and also changing tree colours. There's also one of Mum and Dad looking very cold at the top. It was strange at the summit as it's over 14,000 feet. I felt weird, a bit like a drunk feeling. I ate a Snickers and popcorn and felt better but it was the altitude. Mum and Dad were fine. It surprised me as I ski at altitude without any ill effects.

On the way back to Denver we stopped at Garden of the Gods. Another impressive tourist attraction. There's a photo of Mum and Dad with the 'Garden' behind them. I dropped them at the airport this evening. We had a brilliant time with them here and amazingly we did not fall out once - that's a record for me and Dad. We're all going to miss them, me especially and am looking forward to seeing them in December.

The weather's been brilliant for the past month and we are now due snow at the weekend. Good job really as Jacob has been moaning on about when can he ski again, hopefully that won't be too far away.

Hope all's well


Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Jewish New Year!


We started the week with a New Year lunch over at Mindy's. She kindly invited Mum and Dad as well so we ate Kosher sit down lunch which was tasty and different. There were around 27 people there and we had a good chat with most of them.

Allen and I then had 2 nights away in Boulder. Mum and Dad were in charge and all just about went well! Dad drove for the first time out here, literally to school and back. He did very well without incidence. We relaxed in Boulder, ate too much and did quite a bit of walking and shopping. On our return we took Mum and Dad out for a posh meal at a restaurant we'd wanted to try for a while. It was excellent and once again Dad had his fill of beef!

Saturday we went to a Fall Festival at a local Historical Park. We went on a stage coach, paned for gold (photo), weaved and picked pumpkins (see photo). It was a good event. Jacob then had his soccer match which they won 11 - 1 so he was happy. Allen's coaching his team on Monday and Jacob's very excited about this.

Saturday afternoon I took Mum and Dad to a Train Museum at Golden. Dad was very impressed and so was I. Loads of huge trains in the grounds and you could climb on most of them. I've included a photo of Mum and me near a caboose and Dad driving another engine.

Went to the local pub for tea with the neighbours Saturday evening and had a relaxing Sunday. Mum, Dad and me are off to Colorado Springs for 2 days to go on the Cog Railway so Allen has the children on his own - first time I think.

Hope all's well


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

5 National Parks

Hi All

As you can see we had a busy week visiting lots of National Parks. We started at Bandelier, just outside Santa Fe New Mexico. This was actually my favourite. It's where the people lived in the caves in the mountain side. There were ladders to climb and small dwellings to explore and we all had a great time. There's a photo of Allen and Jacob in a 'house'. Mum and Dad got on a ranger led tour, Dad thought it was good Mum was a little bored! Their highlight though was Mum nearly treading on a rattle snake and Dad taking a very good photo of it.

Next we drove to Flagstaff and met up with Carrie, Jake and Annie. Dad enjoyed seeing the trains rushing through the station and we enjoyed a beer! I've put a photo of all the children in. We're going to miss Carrie and Co and hope to meet up one more time before we leave America and I also hope they will visit us in the future too.

Next was the Grand Canyon. There's a photo of Mum and Dad near the edge. They then did a helicopter ride over the Canyon and loved it. I chickened out again. The Canyon was as impressive as ever and clearer than when we were there last.

Then we had a night in a Caboose. It was fun to see it and be there but not so great to sleep in! I've included a photo of Jacob and Abi climbing on the roof (not sure they were meant to!) and one of us and the Caboose. From Williams, where the Caboose hotel was, we drove via the Petrified Forest National Park. I would have liked more time here as we didn't get to see it all. Actually I'd say that about all the parks we went to so we'll be here at some point in the future to do more exploring. There's a photo of Petrified wood - like stone really.

Next it was a 3 night stay in Durango. We rented a house. Mum and Dad went on a days trip to Silverton on the Steam train. They enjoyed it all. On mum's birthday we went to Mesa Verde, another dwellings in the rock National Park. It was good to see but I preferred Bandelier. I've included a photo of our birthday breakfast.

Finally we drove back and stopped at the Great Sand Dunes National Park. I was most impressed as it's loads of sand that seems to have been dumped right by the mountains. The sand was a bit hot but Jacob and Abi still managed lots of rolling around and had a wonderful time. I've put in a photo of the dunes too.

So all in all we travelled over 2000 miles in a week. There's still so much we haven't explored here, the country is so vast and has such different landscapes. I will look forward to taking holidays here in the future to show Jacob and Abi it all over again!

Hope all's well