Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Jewish New Year!


We started the week with a New Year lunch over at Mindy's. She kindly invited Mum and Dad as well so we ate Kosher sit down lunch which was tasty and different. There were around 27 people there and we had a good chat with most of them.

Allen and I then had 2 nights away in Boulder. Mum and Dad were in charge and all just about went well! Dad drove for the first time out here, literally to school and back. He did very well without incidence. We relaxed in Boulder, ate too much and did quite a bit of walking and shopping. On our return we took Mum and Dad out for a posh meal at a restaurant we'd wanted to try for a while. It was excellent and once again Dad had his fill of beef!

Saturday we went to a Fall Festival at a local Historical Park. We went on a stage coach, paned for gold (photo), weaved and picked pumpkins (see photo). It was a good event. Jacob then had his soccer match which they won 11 - 1 so he was happy. Allen's coaching his team on Monday and Jacob's very excited about this.

Saturday afternoon I took Mum and Dad to a Train Museum at Golden. Dad was very impressed and so was I. Loads of huge trains in the grounds and you could climb on most of them. I've included a photo of Mum and me near a caboose and Dad driving another engine.

Went to the local pub for tea with the neighbours Saturday evening and had a relaxing Sunday. Mum, Dad and me are off to Colorado Springs for 2 days to go on the Cog Railway so Allen has the children on his own - first time I think.

Hope all's well



carriesweatland said...

You're covering lots of ground and certainly showing your parents a good time. Glad to hear it has been fun, relaxing & intersting. We had Jake's birthday party this weekend at the bowling alley, and it was fun. Brian and I were a little busy managing the little bowlers, so we forgot to take pictures. I'll snap some tomorrow of our small family celebration and hopefully put them up. Enjoy the rest of the visit with your parents. Our best, Carrie

Rachael said...

I thought his birthday was the end of this week? We have a card and present ready! I won't get to post it until Wednesday though, sorry! About to drive down to the Royal Gorge. Hope the Saturday in Vegas is still on.