Friday, October 17, 2008


Fall has arrived, I've put in a photo of the tree in our front garden that is beautiful at the moment. I like the ghosts on it too that Abi and Jacob made. We're all decorated for Halloween. Abi came down at 3am this week to ask me when Halloween was, perhaps we've put the decorations up too early!!!??

2 ski areas are also open so Allen was tasked with buying lift tickets today. So we're off skiing tomorrow after Jacob's final soccer game - scheduled at 8am! The snow in the resort we are going to is only artificially made by the blowers, although they have had a bit of snow up there. Should be nice and warm to ski.

Busy selling things on Craigslist as we are 13% over. Allen is determined we will get rid of the electric piano, I however am determined we won't so I'm resorting our boxes.

Leave for California next weekend, can't wait to do Disney, Legoland and Sea World. I have booked a character breakfast and I also want to go to the Ariel lunch, Allen's not keen!

Busy clearing the house and creating loads of recycling, can't believe how much stuff we have. Anyway better get back to it. Hope all's well with everyone.


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