Sunday, October 19, 2008

Soccer, Skiing and Super Heroes!


It was Jacob's last soccer game for the Fall season. He played brilliantly and his team won. We all went for ice cream afterwards. I've included a team photo plus his coach Emily.

Then after lunch we set off to ski. One run was open. It was a bit steep for Abi and, after trying to get her down on her own a ski instructor kindly stopped and helped. I think he realised that I was about to kill her or leave her on the mountain. He was very patient with her and then skied her down to an easier part - where she was fine. Jacob and Allen went up a few times and Jacob was just about back to his parallel turns. Abi and I played in the snow at the bottom. It was a lovely warm day and was fun in the sun and snow. We returned to enjoy pizza and beer with the neighbours next door.

Today is Super Hero party. Jacob's Mr Incredible and Abi's changing her mind all the time. In the photo she's Spiderman but at this moment in time she's Superman. We leave in 10 mins so perhaps she's remain as Superman, who knows!! It's Dylan's, in Abi's class, 5th birthday party. I booked Jacob's party at a big play place. He can actually have it on his birthday - 10th Nov as it's a day off school for them.

Better get to this party.

Hope all's well



carriesweatland said...

Nice pictures and a nice update on your happenings. Sounds like all is busy and well. Hope to see you shortly....Carrie

Allen said...

Here is to the rest of the ski season and farewell to 'soccer'. Miss you all lots - Allen

ceri said...

love the photos. owen was going to be darth maul, but he fortunately changed to count dracula. much easier. i'd better hurry up and buy some candy for friday. xoc

Claire said...

It's great to be in touch again - but sad you will be leaving the US before we can meet up! Really enjoying your blog but stunned by how much Abi looks like a mini you!! Are you guys in South CA now? - let us know if it is worth a visit! Take Care, Claire
p.s. girls v.extremely excited about our first US halloween...aahh!