Sunday, November 2, 2008

Disney, California


Well we had a wonderful time in Disney. We started our trip by meeting up with Carrie, Jake and Annie for a hike and picnic at Zion National Park. It was great, as always, to see them and the children had a lovely time. My Jacob was very torn as to going home with Jake or going onto Disney! I've included a photo of 3 of them hanging over the cliff!

Next stop was LA. Off course I didn't realise how big the city was. It took us about an hour from getting to the edge of LA to actually arrive at our hotel. We chose a good location, on a bus route about a mile from the park. We were in the queue to get in at 7.30am and on the rides just after 8am. Sunday was good int he morning but very busy by lunch time. There are photos of Allen and Jacob on the rockets - a favourite, the children in front of an impressive Mickey Pumpkin, all of us at a character breakfast,and Jacob and Abi with Minnie.

Abi's favourite was meeting the princesses, a photo of her and Belle is included and Jacob's highlight was being a Jedi Knight and fighting Darth Vader - see photo. Allen's favourite in Disney was the parade (he took enough photos of it!), my favourite thing was just being there and seeing everyone having such a fun time.

The next blog shows San Diego.


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ceri said...

i love the photo of jacob fighting darth vader. someone's gotta do it. i bet owen would have been way too shy to do that.