Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Fall weekend


We had a great Fall weekend. Jacob and Abi discovered they could use the leaf blower and had so much fun spreading the leaves around the front garden! We eventually got them into a decent pile so that they could jump in them and bury themselves in the huge pile. I've included 2 photos of they having so much fun. We filled 3 big bins and 3 bin bags and still have the same amount to go and that's only from the front - backyard next weekend I think. Have found a place that will do something environmental with them so I need to go and buy brown paper bags to put them in and deliver them on Sunday.

We also managed to go skiing at Loveland. It was a much more successful trip this time. Abi was much more confident, I didn't feel like pretending she wasn't mine! The snow was much better as they had had more natural snow fall. A big storm went through he mountains yesterday so we're going up again on Saturday to check it out.

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ceri said...

you don't want to see how many leaves we have in our front yard. and have we raked them up? of course not. they'll decompose eventually, right?