Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanks Giving


We had a very enjoyable Thanks Giving yesterday. We started the day with movies for everyone. Allen and I caught up on Heroes and the children watched Curious George and Ice Age. We then tided the house as Allen has invited people around on Friday to try and drink our remaining spirits - can't take them with us unfortunately.

At 2pm we wandered over the road to Ken and Kelli's. There were 16 of us. Kelli had done lots of snacks to start and I ate too many of them! King Prawns and artichoke dip, plus cheese and crackers. We sat down at 4pm to turkey, spice ham, mashed pots, beans, carrots, squash, cranberry dressing, stuffing and salad. It was great and even better that it had all been done for us. Jacob and Abi were very good, I think it was the bribe of chocolate covered pretzels and chocolates for after the meal.

We enjoyed the evening and came back across at about 7pm. I've included photos of Kelli, Sam and Jordyn plus Jacob and Abi of course!

Trying to decide whether to go to the Black Friday sales today, don't really need anything and can't really fit anything in but we do love to shop!

Hope all's well



carriesweatland said...

Happy Thanksgiving! We went down to see my sister, Aunt Annie, in Phoenix and had a nice time. Ate, drank, shopped, played board games and walked. My sister did end up breaking up with her boyfriend of over a year last week. She was surprising un-emotional about it all. I remarked that it was the healthiest break-up I'd ever seen, and she just laughed. Did you get out to ski, too? I hope so. It looks like you had a good time. Say hello to everyone for us!

Claire said...

We loved our first Thanksgiving too....think we should adopt it in the UK! Spent it with friends - American, Canadian and British - so a lively mix!