Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jacob's 6th Birthday


It was Jacob's 6th Birthday on Monday and the lucky boy had the day off for Veterans Day. He was up nice and early - 6am and was ready to open his presents straight away. He got a good variety for stuff, his favourite being Lego. Allen had to go into work for a meeting but was back by 10am so we went out to see Madagascar 2. It was excellent, so if you have children or not go and see it. Then it was off to his party. We entertained 23 children at an indoor play place. Everyone had fun and we were ready for a beer afterwards! My neighbour, Betsy, was very helpful and she and her 2 children - Mallory and Will, came round after to watch Jacob open all his presents.

After that we went out to Jacob's favourite restaurant with our other neighbour Shawna. Kev, Allen's replacement from the UK, had landed in time to join us and we all had a good meal.

Got home a tad tired! It was a fun but busy day - aren't they all! I've included a photo of the Medieval Castle cake I made for Jacob. I think I was more impressed than him. Also one of him and Abi at Monkey Biz and Jacob at the restaurant in his new top from Owen and Ceri (DC) plus his '6' badges from Katharine and Kathryn.

Hope all's well



carriesweatland said...

Happy Birthday! The party looks fun and what a handsome (new haircut) and happy 6 year old Jacob looks like. Glad to hear you can get so much skiing in before you go. Nothing much to report on this end, it should be quiet here until we go to Phoenix for Thanksgiving. Send our best to the 6 year old, Carrie, Brian, Jake and Annie

ceri said...

Awesome cake, Rachael. Did anyone eat the blue bits? Glad Jacob had a nice birthday. Owen enjoyed singing to him.

Rachael said...

Jacob thought it was funny that you weren't allowed to sing! Yes all the blue jelly got eaten - surprisingly. Apparently it was blueberry flavour.