Sunday, November 2, 2008

San Diego


We spent 3 days in LA visiting Disney and California Adventure parks. The next 2 days were spent in San Diego where we went to Sea World and then Lego Land. Sea World, California, is much smaller than Florida. It was very manageable and the children really enjoyed the shows. I've included a photo of an impressive whale stunt. I liked the Florida site better but Jacob and Abi don't remember going there! It was a good day as they let military families in for free.

The next day we spent in Lego Land. I think this was Jacob and Abi's favourite place as it is really suited to 4 and 5 year olds. All the rides were pretty tame and they were both very impressed with the mini Lego cities. I've included a photo of the children with a Darth Vader Lego model and one of Abi and me on a ride.

We will go back to California on holiday when they are both older to experience other things that the state has to offer. We had an excellent holiday and would recommend Disney to everyone.

Hope all's well, packers come Tuesday so we're a bit busy at the moment. Allen is actually waiting for me to finish so he can pack the main computer so I'll be using the laptop from now on.


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carriesweatland said...

Glad to hear it was such a good time. It's a lot to fit into the trip. Did you get a chance to see Las Vegas? I hope our detour in Zion didn't cause you to skip it. Good luck packing! I bet you will all be glad when Tuesday is over. My best, Carrie