Friday, November 14, 2008

1st Snow


We have had our first snow in Denver. Jacob and Abi were ready and outside in record time this morning. Abi wanted to do a snow angel but none had settled on the driveway so she was happy stomping through the snow on the grass. It's not going to last but is nice to see!

Half day at school today, Jacob is off for a playdate with Rylan and I'm having Joost, a boy in Abi's class. So we're off to the Children's museum and everyone is very excited.

Skiing tomorrow and then Allen leaves for the UK on Sunday. He's gone a week but we'll be busy with our normal schedule plus extra ballet for the Nutcracker. Jacob told me ballet is better than soccer!

Had a crown done this morning and got to finish watching the film of Pride and Prejudice - you get to watch a movie while they do the work. Best dentist ever!

Hope all's well



ceri said...

abi looks older every time you post a new picture. i keep thinking of her as this wobbling cute little blob. a very cute blob--i mean no offense.

Rachael said...

No offense taken! She is still cute if naughty. Had a lovely time at the children's museum this afternoon. Enjoy your time out with Taylor. Off out tonight and tomorrow night so I'll be knackered.

carriesweatland said...

It would be fun to see a little snow, but it'll be a long time before we get our fast-melting little bit of snow. We'll have to drive to see any significant snow, but we are hoping to try skiing for our two this year. I think they'll be ready to give it a try (at least I hope). I look to the fact that you've got your two on skiis as inspiration to give it a go. I take it your packing all went well. Our best, Carrie