Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Friends and Grandparents day

Jacob and Abi's school held a friends and Grandparents day yesterday, most schools have this kind of day here. So we invited 2 neighbours due to the Grandparents being in a different country! Kelli and Mindy came. Jacob and Abi were very excited to see them. Kelli did some craft stuff with Abi and then reading and language games with Jacob and Mindy came and had a look around. At the start of the day we weren't sure either could make it so I made Allen come and make a candy turkey with Abi in her room - much to his enjoyment! So the children were well represented and had a lovely day. We finished at lunchtime so I took my 2 plus a friend of Abi's to 50 cent Tuesday at the local cinema. We saw WallE, a very sweet movie, which we all enjoyed.

Allen finishes at lunchtime today so we're off skiing and then it's Thanks Giving tomorrow. Kelli and Ken have invited us so it'll be an easy day with lots of food and wine. May try and ski in the morning but it may be too cold.

Days are flying past and leaving Denver is coming up way too soon for me. Jacob and Abi are ready to see the family though so that's good.

Hope all's well


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