Saturday, June 23, 2012

Abi's 8th Birthday

I realise this is a little late! Abi had a great birthday. It fell on a school day this year for the first time since she was born. She started her birthday celebrations the day before on the pizza bus. This is a converted American school bus that you can sit in and eat freshly baked pizzas. It only comes to our village on a Tuesday hence going the day before her actual birthday. On the 18th she opened some presents before school, see photo. I was teaching so straight after school we met up with out neighbours and went to KFC, one of Abi's favourite places to eat. We then got home and I'd made a castle cake, as requested. We invited more neighbours around for cake. We couldn't take too long as Abi and Jacob had Orcas - swim practice. Abi then had a swim party on the Sunday and had all of her class there plus a few others, and straight after that we had a lunch out in Sittard with lots of British families - a lovely way to finish off her birthday week. So as usual Abi had a nicely elongated birthday that was enjoyed by all. I've also included a photo outside Mum and Dad's new house in Holwell.