Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rome 2012

Well finally getting around to posting about our Easter trip to Rome. We went to Naples for 2 days and then Rome for 2 days 3 nights. We had a great time there and need to go back as we didn't see everything. From the photos you may recognise the Trevi Fountain, where we all threw coins and made wishes. Abi was bursting to tell her wish but we wouldn't let her! The Colosseum - where we had a guided tour. The Pantheon both inside and out and finally Vatican City - there was a huge queue to go in so we just had a quick look outside and that was enough this time. The food was excellent, very child friendly, the apartment we stayed in was just right and the buses were easy to use. Rome seemed like a pretty laid back place and a capital city we would really like to visit again. The flight back here was 2 hours and our neighbour picked us up from the airport as he works next door so all in all an excellent trip. Rachael.