Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Hi All
Well we have just returned from a great trip travelling through 3 states, 3 National Parks and seeing some amazing scenery on the way. Our holiday took us through Colorado, Utah and Arizona, our aim being to have fun with the Sweatlands in Page, AZ. Well we truly achieved our aim. It was good to see everyone carry on with their friendships from where they were left in August. Carrie and Brian were excellent hosts, as usual, and Jake and Annie warmed immediately to the whole family. On Friday we went to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon where Allen went off in a helicopter ride and Carrie, me and the children did a lovely walk avoiding the edge of the Canyon but collecting many 'treasures' along the way (luckily they were left in Page!). The Grand Canyon is a lot bigger than I thought for - silly to say that perhaps, but if you've seen the real thing you'll know what I mean. Allen and I want to return and hope to stay in the actual park next time (Carrie lives about 2 and a half hours away).
Saturday we went on a hike to the Toad Stools (see photo). We all enjoyed the walk, Jacob loved kicking his way there! After the hike we had a picnic lunch on Lake Powell with Jake and Abi playing nicely with the buckets! (see photo)
Had to leave on Sunday but hope to visit again and also meet up for a camping trip in the Spring. Stopped at Arches National Park on the way back - see photo. Another amazing landscape.
Arrived back in Denver Monday PM a little tired but really pleased to have done the trip. Harvest day out at school tomorrow and then Halloween. Jacob's varying between being the Red Power Ranger and a bat! Abi will be a princess no matter what!
Hope all's well

Sunday, October 21, 2007

What a change in weather!

Well we have had our first snow in Denver today since living here. Very strange, as yesterday it was T shirt weather, and today snow gear! (You'll see from the photos.)
Jacob was off school Thursday with a cold and we had a lovely day doing arty Halloween things. Friday they were both off as it was Parent Teacher conferences. I got good reports on both of them. Jacob's teacher said he is the first child she has taught who knows his sounds and not letter names and Abi's teacher said she tested the boundaries for 2 weeks but then accepted that there was a teacher in charge and it wasn't Abi herself! Can't think who she takes after at all! Her teacher said she's a pleasure to have in the class and misses her when she's not there. So I was very happy with them.
I took Jacob, Abi and their friend Will to the zoo on Friday (See photo). Met up with Kirk and Cody and had a fun time. Jacob and Will could have been anywhere but everyone else enjoyed the animals.
Picked Allen up from the airport Saturday lunchtime - hooray! Everyone was extremely pleased to see him.
Have had a fun morning in the snow, bouncing on the trampoline and building a snowman - which, as always, I enjoyed the most. Cooking Sunday lunch at the mo and then we're off to meet a new British family who have the same aged children as our 2. More snow ball fights planned I think.
Off to see Carrie, Jake, Annie and Brian in Arizona this coming week. Booking a helicopter trip over the Grand Canyon. I'm just looking forward to seeing our friends. So should be posting some interesting photos.
Hope all's well with everyone

Monday, October 15, 2007

A Birthday Party Weekend

Hi All
Well we had a busy weekend of parties (as you could probably guess from the title of this blog!)
Saturday started with Jacob and Abi's first swimming lessons. They loved it although Allen and I thought there were too many children to really get anything achieved. Doesn't matter though as as long as they are enjoying themselves that will do for now.
Next I went and did some community helping in a local shared garden. We pulled up the old path to make way for a new one. A sweaty hour later and I needed a shower! Tatiana's party was next. She's in Jacob's EK class (Early Kindergarten for non Americans). Her mum had said Abi could come too so that was handy. It was held in the Denver Uni Gym and was brilliant. Allen and I even had a go on the trampoline. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
Sunday we had a work colleague and family around for lunch and then Jacob went off for a super hero party. He dressed up as Spiderman. It was at Cody's house (a kindergarten child) and was catered for my Oogles and Googles. A company providing 2 hours of entertainment in certain themes, this one being Super heroes. We didn't have to stayed so that was nice!
Teacher consultations this Friday. The children have the day off - what a good idea -so no evening wasted for them. America have some things right!
Allen goes to DC tomorrow for the RAF conference, we'll miss him. We will have a busy week as usual!
Hope all's well with everyone
PS photos are of the children jumping in the foam pit, Allen had to do it too!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Estes Park

Well we made it to Estes Park, it's actually the Rocky Mountain National Park but we stayed in a very sweet lodge just outside a town called Estes Park. Jacob and Abi managed 2 walks. One around a Lake called Bear Lake and another to Nymph Lake ( thanks for the advice Carrie, they were perfect walks for our 2). They just loved climbing on the rocks and I was panicking the whole time as I thought they were going to break their necks. We all really enjoyed it though and hope to visit again. We had 2 very different days weather as you will see from the photos. Day one was T shirt weather, day two snow gear! The lodge was great except for Jacob waking up at 5am and not going back to sleep!
Allen's off tomorrow for Columbus day but the children aren't so we've got the morning to catch up on videos.
The other major piece of news is that we are here for 2 years - well as sure as you can be in the forces. Hoping that will mean more people can visit. It also means we can plan out our trips a bit and not try to fit them all in in one year. We are still going to do all the ones we really want to do in a year just in case - Arizona (Carrie, are the dates OK?). Also planning on San Fran and Las Vegas ASAP. Hoping to meet Marion in Vancouver in June.
Also started selling a product called Arbonne, if anyone wants any details let me know....(Mum and Katharine may be intersted?)Off to bed, hope all's well

Monday, October 1, 2007

Grandma's gone but we have a 'new' car!

Grandma left on Tuesday and everyone is missing her. We have however managed to get a second hand car so I don't have to ferry Allen around anymore. It's an old Ford Explorer - see the photo.
Had a busy weekend, Jacob and Abi had a friend around to play on Saturday, they had a great time on the trampoline and driving the jeep. Took them to see the pumpkin patch near our house and everyone was impressed, will put a photo of it on next week. Saturday night we had someone Allen works with round for dinner which was a very pleasant night.
Sunday we picked up the car having popped out for breakfast and a play in the park before hand.
Fall is approaching here. Jacob and Abi have been tasked with collecting Fall items by their teachers, so we've been on leaf hunts and fir cone collections.
Going to finally join a gym this week. Have decided just to join the local Rec Centre instead of the posh sports club. Had a month's free trial and we managed to go once!
Hoping to go up to Estes Park and stay in a lodge next weekend so may have some nice fall pictures to post then.
Hope everyone's well