Monday, October 1, 2007

Grandma's gone but we have a 'new' car!

Grandma left on Tuesday and everyone is missing her. We have however managed to get a second hand car so I don't have to ferry Allen around anymore. It's an old Ford Explorer - see the photo.
Had a busy weekend, Jacob and Abi had a friend around to play on Saturday, they had a great time on the trampoline and driving the jeep. Took them to see the pumpkin patch near our house and everyone was impressed, will put a photo of it on next week. Saturday night we had someone Allen works with round for dinner which was a very pleasant night.
Sunday we picked up the car having popped out for breakfast and a play in the park before hand.
Fall is approaching here. Jacob and Abi have been tasked with collecting Fall items by their teachers, so we've been on leaf hunts and fir cone collections.
Going to finally join a gym this week. Have decided just to join the local Rec Centre instead of the posh sports club. Had a month's free trial and we managed to go once!
Hoping to go up to Estes Park and stay in a lodge next weekend so may have some nice fall pictures to post then.
Hope everyone's well


carriesweatland said...

Great car. I've know lots of people, including my brother, who have that car. Will make the trips to the mountains for skiing more comfortable, for sure. If you make it Estes Park, try the hike/walk to the Bear Lake trail, and on to Nymph Lake (same trail.). They are relatively short, fun, kid-friendly, and beautiful. Hope you get to go it's beautiful. If you don't make it into the Lodge, there are many places to stay. The Stanley Hotel was the basis for Steven King's 'The Shining', if you know that. We stayed at the Evergreens on Fall River, and it was nice. (a drive to town, but on the river.) It was off-season, and a bit cheaper. Anyway, have a great time, if you make it there.

ceri said...

hi rachael. is that your house in the background? i'd love to see some pictures of the new place, especially the kitchen. i'm at panera trying to do some work. owen and taylor and chris go camping on friday for two nights, so i'll be doing editing then for sure. miss you all.