Monday, October 15, 2007

A Birthday Party Weekend

Hi All
Well we had a busy weekend of parties (as you could probably guess from the title of this blog!)
Saturday started with Jacob and Abi's first swimming lessons. They loved it although Allen and I thought there were too many children to really get anything achieved. Doesn't matter though as as long as they are enjoying themselves that will do for now.
Next I went and did some community helping in a local shared garden. We pulled up the old path to make way for a new one. A sweaty hour later and I needed a shower! Tatiana's party was next. She's in Jacob's EK class (Early Kindergarten for non Americans). Her mum had said Abi could come too so that was handy. It was held in the Denver Uni Gym and was brilliant. Allen and I even had a go on the trampoline. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
Sunday we had a work colleague and family around for lunch and then Jacob went off for a super hero party. He dressed up as Spiderman. It was at Cody's house (a kindergarten child) and was catered for my Oogles and Googles. A company providing 2 hours of entertainment in certain themes, this one being Super heroes. We didn't have to stayed so that was nice!
Teacher consultations this Friday. The children have the day off - what a good idea -so no evening wasted for them. America have some things right!
Allen goes to DC tomorrow for the RAF conference, we'll miss him. We will have a busy week as usual!
Hope all's well with everyone
PS photos are of the children jumping in the foam pit, Allen had to do it too!

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