Sunday, October 21, 2007

What a change in weather!

Well we have had our first snow in Denver today since living here. Very strange, as yesterday it was T shirt weather, and today snow gear! (You'll see from the photos.)
Jacob was off school Thursday with a cold and we had a lovely day doing arty Halloween things. Friday they were both off as it was Parent Teacher conferences. I got good reports on both of them. Jacob's teacher said he is the first child she has taught who knows his sounds and not letter names and Abi's teacher said she tested the boundaries for 2 weeks but then accepted that there was a teacher in charge and it wasn't Abi herself! Can't think who she takes after at all! Her teacher said she's a pleasure to have in the class and misses her when she's not there. So I was very happy with them.
I took Jacob, Abi and their friend Will to the zoo on Friday (See photo). Met up with Kirk and Cody and had a fun time. Jacob and Will could have been anywhere but everyone else enjoyed the animals.
Picked Allen up from the airport Saturday lunchtime - hooray! Everyone was extremely pleased to see him.
Have had a fun morning in the snow, bouncing on the trampoline and building a snowman - which, as always, I enjoyed the most. Cooking Sunday lunch at the mo and then we're off to meet a new British family who have the same aged children as our 2. More snow ball fights planned I think.
Off to see Carrie, Jake, Annie and Brian in Arizona this coming week. Booking a helicopter trip over the Grand Canyon. I'm just looking forward to seeing our friends. So should be posting some interesting photos.
Hope all's well with everyone


ceri said...

man, that snow looks fun. owen had a day off last week as well. then thursday we went to the "pumpkin playground" with sharri et al.

carriesweatland said...

That's Fall in Colorado, or so we experienced. The snow must be getting you excited for skiing.

We're looking forward to your visit...jut a few days! Grand Junction has many places to stay, and is a good spot. My advice, leave early in the morning after your stay, so you can do the drive or small hike in Arches National Monument near Moab. You have a National Park pass, right? Of course you could always do it on the way home, too.

Anyway, I'm off the store to by spinach and cream cheese, and the other goodies I remember Jacob and Abi liking. See you soon! Carrie

Rachael said...

Hi Carrie
I've just been out this morning stocking up on snacks for the trip. I think we'll do Arches on the way back as we'll stay in Moab then. Packed for J & A as we're leaving at 1.30 now.
See you Thursday pm