Friday, March 4, 2016

February 2016 Jordan

Hi all

So I have been busy working full time so we have not done anything out of Amman this past month. We did have a night at the Dead Sea which was extremely relaxing. Jacob has played two proper basketball games and Abi is now on the swim team. She's started practising for her grade two violin, the teacher has said she can skip grade 1. I am still impressed that it doesn't sound like a dying cat when she plays.

Allen is busy with rugby, he bent his finger back and I was worried he'd have to have his wedding ring cut off, he didn't, but his finger is still swollen two weeks on.

We're off to Denver in two weeks, can't wait to see friends, visit a few National Parks and go skiing in Breckenridge. We're there for nearly three weeks so hoping for a bit of a relax too.

School is going well, full on but I am enjoying it. The kids have been having photos done so one of the teachers took sibling ones, that wasn't offered by the photographer. I have included that one here. We also did a fun run at school last week, that's the other photo. The weather is mixed but generally blue skies and sun - very nice.