Monday, September 24, 2007

Grandma Melrose's 3rd and final week!

Well we've had a busy week. Grandma leaves on Tuesday and the whole family will miss her. A certain boy is already looking forward to her December visit!
This weekend Grandma kindly let me and Allen have a night away in Denver. We had a great time although both wished we hadn't visited Red Square ordering a carafe of raspberry and vanilla vodka! Also sampled the wares of the Pink Martini (they are doing a drink for Breast Cancer this month and it seemed wrong not to have it!) and the bar at The Oxford Hotel. Tried a very atmospheric Tapas place called 9th Door which I'm sure we will return to. Stayed in a B&B, sounds quite British but it was very American - I think the Americans think it is very British though.
Also this week we returned to Golden so Marion could go to the Quilt Museum, she said it was excellent. Allen and I took the kids to the park and for a play in the stream at this point. There's a photo taken by Abi of us at the cafe along the river.
Today we went to Chatfield Corn Maze. Allen moaned about the admission but we all enjoyed it. It took us 30 mins to get through it and I was a bit worried that we would be there all afternoon. We came across a pumpkin field while in the maze (photo), there's also a photo of Grandma and Jacob sneaking through the wrong path.
Off out for a nice lunch tomorrow and then it'll be time to say bye to Marion until Dec 20th when she returns.
Still haven't managed to get Allen a car yet so I'll be up at 5.15am to take him to work Monday - joy of joys!
Hope everyone's well
PS Accidently added one of Allen on our night out!


carriesweatland said...

Hey Rachael.. Wow, a three week visit. Sounds like you all had a great time, and that Abi and Jacob will miss their Grandma dearly. Not a whole lot new here, beyond the email that I sent. Hope all is well and that you can get a car for Allen soon(!)

ceri said...

hi rachael. glad mum-in-law had a nice visit. how's preschool going?

Rebecca said...

hi rachael,
lovely to see so many gorgeous photos!!! glad to hear all is going well and good luck with jacob's next eye appts. we're all well too, theo working hard, kali generally being a good big girl and the baby wriggling too much for my liking - only 5 weeks to go now!! eek!!
hugs, rebecca m