Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Grandma Melrose's 2nd Week

Well, we've had a busy 2nd week of Grandma's holiday. We have just returned from a great few days in Breckenridge. It was Oktoberfest time while we were there and funnily enough we met someone from Tumbridge Wells. Sampled a few local beers and got a little wet. It was very varied weather while we were there ranging from lovely sun shine to snow. Abi and Jacob of course sampled some ice cream - see the photo. There's also one of Grandma and Jacob near the stream and a snowy scene of the mountain top that shows the ski runs.
On the way back to Denver we stopped at Red Rocks; for those who don't know there's a brilliant view of the city and wonderful geology that was formed millions of years ago. An amphitheatre has been cut into the rock - hoping to go and see a band play there at some point.
Had a nice tea out tonight where Jacob took a photo of his own toy camera with Daddy being silly in the back ground, he's really into photography and isn't that bad really!
Allen's sold his Saab, it gets picked up Wednesday, so we're busy trying to find another one. A convertible wasn't going to work in the winter due to the leaking roof. Have been testing driving a few cars but can't decide. Allen, of course, needs to read all the reviews. Probably a good things as I'd just choose by colour!
Hope all's well


Helen B said...

Just great to see you all again! Rachel, you're wating away - EAT MORE CAKES!!!! x

ceri said...

hi rachael. denver looks really pretty. have to convince taylor to visit some time. i see allen is officially outdoorsy, now that he's purchased those Keen sandals. say hello to everyone. i loved abi's latest drawing. i'm still trying to get owen to draw something back. he doesn't draw much, ya know.