Tuesday, September 4, 2007

'Labor Day' in Colorado

I know I've spelt Labour wrong but that's how it is here. We went down to Colorado Springs to watch their Balloon festival. Off we went to the evening thing where they light them all up but it was cancelled due to the weather. Apparently it was too windy to lay out the canvases and then, once it had calmed down, it was too dark. However we did get a great view from the hotel window at 7am and then went down and enjoyed a complimentary breakfast. The photo doesn't do it justice (balloons not breakfast!). The other photos are of me and Jacob at the evening glo thing and my three children on our recent trampoline purchase. We bought it on Craigslist, a brilliant web site that I don't think you have in the UK or Page, Arizona! Other things we've been doing recently were attending a work Ball. Very American, I even got my photo taken with a bald eagle in front of the stars and stripes. Also joined a health club and attended their Labor Day BBQ at the outdoor pool. Jacob and Abi entered the splash contest - involving jumping off the diving board. I was very impressed as you wouldn't get me doing that. I would have included those photos but I missed them both times jumping in! Allen's mum arrives tomorrow so everyone is very excited about that. Off to the Denver mint with her this week and also the zoo.
Oh well better go and cook tea
PS Have tried to upload a video clip of the children twice but it won't work. If anyone has any idea how to do it let me know, you'll be amazed at how American they now sound.


carriesweatland said...

Fun to see the pics and hear of your weekend! Just a thought: For the video, try re-naming the file. Try "video.mpg" or "video.mpeg" and then uploading it again. (that's what I named mine when it didn't work, and it somehow helped.) Just a thought.

ceri said...

fun photos. have you been on the trampoline? tomorrow is parent's night at MVWS; can't wait to hear what mindy has to say (will there be a pre-k class, for instance?).