Wednesday, August 29, 2007

First few weeks in Denver

Hi, well I've finally managed to start this thing. Thank you Carrie! It's actually been my 2 American friends that have got me going on this. We have now been in Denver about 8 weeks and are just about settled. Jacob and Abi started school today and all went very smoothly. Allen is in DC for a few days so I'll probably get more done now! Am posting some recent photos. 2 are from my birthday trip to the mountains. We had a great time. It was strange being there without snow, however there has been a dusting of snow this week, can't believe it as the weather here is gorgeous. There's also a picture of Allen and kids in a fountain, the jet just hitting Allen. Also a recent camping trip to Colorado Springs which most of the family thoroughly enjoyed - can you guess who wasn't as keen? And finally Jacob and Abi's first day at school. I now have 2 very tired children so it'll be 6.30 bedtime - hooray!


carriesweatland said...

Fantastic! I'll add this site to my daily checks. Good to see you in pictures. I'll show Annie & Jake in the morning.

ukc803172140 said...

hi rach
Very cool! What's happened to Jacob's eye? You all look well and enjoying yourselves :)
Sorry i havent been in touch lately, you've been at the top of my to do list, which hasnt got going yet! Promise to write soon

Raywhent said...

Hi Cuz Junior!!

You are looking great as are all the family. The BLOG is very good but at our ages would not even know how to go about creating one, anyrate who wants to view and read about two old grizzlies who are trying to organise their departure to live in Spain.

Was talking to your Mum and Dad and Annette a short time ago and we may pop up to see all and Auntie who we believe is now getting very frail.

Take care


Ray & Maureen

Rachael said...

Hi All
For people that don't know Jacob has a patch on his left eye to make his right eye stronger. Off to the hospital in a couple of weeks to see if it's working. So he's fine! The kids did go to bed at 6.30 so long may school knacker then out!

tgourlay said...

Glad to see you are having fun out there! Book any spa treatments on your camping weekend, Rachael? Speak soon on MSN, if I am ever awake when you sign on!
The G Clan x

Peter Hull said...

Impressively techie but great to see the photos. Glad all is well, hoping to visit in the spring when Emy is a little bigger (and can hold her own v your two!), Anne

T & R said...

hey rach,
great pics!! when you say school, do you mean nursery or actual school? isn't abi a bit young? we are all fab, baby due in just 9 weeks now, kali getting quite keen, as are me and theo!!
hugs, Rebecca

ceri said...

Nice to see recent photos of your two. They look so happy, and I see Jacob is wearing his new Adidas sneaks. I'm still waiting to use that Olly receipt: perhaps this week before school starts. Speech therapy will start again on Sept. 12; she wants to see Owen at preschool. She thinks he will work better if I am not there. Hello to all

Nicola said...

i am very impressed! have not even managed to sort out the internet at home yet!
good to see you all enjoying yourselves. speak to you soon, i hope.

Raywhent said...

Hi Cuz Jnr again

Spoke with your Ma last night and she tells me that your Gran is in hospital following a fall but should be home Wednesday. "Wow" she goes some at 97!!

Your Mum read my previous but said she was having problems writing one herself, I told her to sign on so you may get a message from her soon

Take care

R & M

Mum at Holwell said...

Whew I think I may have done it! Hi Abigail, thankyou for the lovely flower picture. I have put it on the cupboard door. When I look at it I think of you and Jacob.Matthew thinks your picture is really cool Jacob and Amy loved the picture of the pink and purple cow Abi. Hope Marion has a great time in Denver. If your reading this Ray I will be in touch soon. Best wishes to the 2 Ceris. Speak soon love Mumx

Rachael said...

Hi Mum
Amazed that you managed! Well done, now you can comment on all you see, you too Dad. Hope all's working with Nanny, sent some photos today. Speak to you soon