Wednesday, December 3, 2008

First Snowman


We finally had a decent amount of snow in Denver so we went sledging and built a snowman in the front garden - see all the photos.

The snow has now all gone but the mountains had 4 foot fall over the past 3 days so Allen took a day off today and we went skiing without Jacob and Abi. We had a lovely time, I do enjoy going with the children but when it's just us we can go alot faster. We are all going to go in the next couple of days as it will probably be the children's last ski before we leave.

Our neighbours are having a goodbye party on Saturday for us, not looking forward to all the goodbyes. The Nutcracker is only a week away. I will try and take some photos so you can see our 2 little ballerina's!

Only 2 weeks left, gulp!



ceri said...

Owen is very jealous of all your snow, Rachael. I like your green scarf. Can't wait to see ballet pictures!!

carriesweatland said...

Hi Rachael -
We've been chilly here, but just on Sunday. I think the high temp was 48 degrees, but that was feeling a bit cold compared to 60 degrees or so. I can't believe you have so little time left! Are you ready? I'm sure the kids are anxious to be in the UK with all the families for the holidays. I'll call you before you leave! Hope you can squeeze in some more skiing before you go. Our best, Carrie