Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas in England and Scotland!

We celebrated early in England with my family. First we went to the Christingle service at Mum's church. Mun, Dad and my sister sang in the choir and Allen read a lesson. It was lovely. Abi fell asleep and I sang all the carols I've missed over the past 3 and a half years! I'm not religious at all but I do like carols. Mum had done a great roast dinner after church and Jacob and Abi had great fun with their cousins Matthew and Amy. There's a photo of them all on a chair together.

Before we knew it we were on the train up to Scotland - after Jacob had an eye appointment (one lenses wrong apparently) and also fitting for more shoe inserts. Didn't get a chance to look in the shops but I did have a lovely meal with my Aunt -Annette. She's a brilliant cook, as are all my family, so I had a nice night with her, Hannah and Joe.

We arrived in Scotland and then went off for an evening with Santa in a local wood. Finn joined Jacob and Abi and I think they were as excited with Finn as they were with Santa! It was a lovely party with a plate of British party food, a walk in the twinkly lit woods, a bouncy castle, Santa and real reindeer followed by pass the parcel and musical bumps.

We then went to another Christingle service, a bit larger than the Holwell affair. I've included photos of a variety of Christmas shots. Abi dressed up in her tiara, make up and Christmas dress plus Jacob and Abi pretending to be deer plus a Christingle shot from the church.

I hope everyone has had a very Happy Christmas and everyone has a Merry New Year.


PS Allen has moaned that I haven't included him enough, he read very well in church and hasn't been that effected by jet lag unlike the rest of the family! Abi slept until 11am which is very unlike her!


carriesweatland said...

How does it feel to be back in England? Sounds like all is going wonderful and the kids look very happy. Abi's snowsuit was perfect for our trip to the forest for the tree. We still hope to go skiing yet this year... My friend (for whom I am subbing) had a little baby girl on Tuesday and named her Reagan. My sister is here now and we've been having a nice visit with her. Not too much else to report for now. Enjoy the rest of your time there and I'll be anxious to see pictures of the Falkland Islands! Our best, Carrie P.S. Say Happy Holidays to your parents for us.

ceri said...

I love your PS about Allen; that is classic. Best wishes to you all. Thank you notes to come. I guess I'll send those to the Falklands. I feel so very hip having a friend in such an exotic location.

Rachael said...

Not sure I'd call the Falklands exotic! Different maybe?? Allen's birthday tomorrow so everyone is excited. He's expecting breakfast in bed - perhaps his mum will cave in. Going out for a nice meal and Allen's sister is keeping the kids for the night. Happy New Year