Thursday, December 25, 2008

Leaving Denver

Left Denver after a fun 18 months. I wasn't ready to leave at all. We had lots going on in our final week with our last night spent with Mindy, Shawna, Betsy, Tim, Will and Mallory at a local restaurant. I have included a photo of most of the table plus one of just the children. We had a great night. John and Sheri then came to the hotel for drinks after our meal out. We drank too much and I felt crap for travelling the next day.

Arrived safely in DC and met up with Ceri, Owen, Kathryn, Nicholas, Christopher and Claire at a local play place. It was lovely to see them all. We had a nice day with friends including our old neighbour Mary. Flight to the UK was fine. I had no sleep but everyone else had a few hours.

I have found it very strange being back. First I'm quite claustrophobic. It's very damp too so breathing is weird. It is lovely to see the family on both sides. I also had a good night out with old school friends Nicky, Julie and Sally. Everyone looked very slim and it was great to catch up on all the chat.

Next blog is all about Christmas.


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