Monday, March 9, 2009

The Frying Pan


Still haven't managed a helicopter ride or a go in the big ship. Helicopters are now being used for some military thing and the ship had to go on maneuvers - you'd think they all had jobs to do! So instead we went and explored in a river at a junction called the Frying Pan. So called due to it's shape, it was great fun and really muddy. I wore stupid shoes and nearly lost them quite a few times. I'm amazed Jacob and Abi remained on their feet the whole time. We didn't see any fish but they both had fun climbing rocks and playing in the mud. I've included a photo of the 3 of them walking along. I've also put a photo in of Allen holding a fish, no he didn't catch it! Someone he works with kindly caught it and has let us have it. It's now in the freezer and I'm waiting for Allen's mum to come out so she can tell me how to cook it! Don't even know what type it is.

Jacob, Abi and I went to Burtha's beach on Saturday morning and they had a great time with Thomas and Finlay all rushing in and out of the sea in their wet suits. We saw a penguin playing in the sea and it looked like it was having as much fun as the children. They then camped on the beach and made lots of towers out of wet sand and dug big holes. It wasn't until Jacob said he couldn't feel his legs due to the cold that we decided it was time to leave.

Allen leaves for the UK tomorrow, looking forward to him bringing back some treats and also bringing back Grandma Melrose. We have lots planned for her visit, a helicopter ride at long last.

I taught at pre school for the week and am now on a week of courses to let me take over properly.

Hope all's well



Allen said...

That is a big fish!

Love to you all, Allen and Dad

Allen said...

Hi Rachael

rest assured your husband is in safe hands and I must admit it is good to seem him after all these years. He looks lighter but I think that is because he has less hair. By the way he has just eaten the hottest curry of his life and has agreed to join me in Jul 11 on a 5000 mile banger rally to mongolia... Please can he go? Hope all is well Shaun ;)