Monday, March 23, 2009

Grandma and the West

Hi All

Grandma Melrose arrived safe and sound on Thursday flight, just missed out on travelling with Princess Anne who flew in today! Marion had one night at our house and then Grandma, me and the children caught the ferry over to the West. We took the car so we could go further a field when we got over. The ferry was an experience. I was expecting something a little bigger but it went fine, 2 hours for not that big a distance! There's a photo of Marion and the kids. Lovely calm weather and we saw loads of dolphins and a huge whale too. Once we were there we drove to Roy Cove. We had booked a lovely 4 bed house on the coast. There's a photo of a sunset from the house. We had a great time throwing rocks into the sea and 'exploring'. Allen arrived on a helicopter Saturday lunchtime. We then walked to the headland looking for whales - none, but we did paddle in the water and had a brilliant time rock climbing. There's a photo of me and Jacob enjoying a rest and snacks!

All was going well until it started getting a bit windy on Sunday. I had a relaxing Mothers Day morning with coffee in bed and lovely clay pots made at school plus felted cards - a Falklands craft. However we then got news that we were now on the 2nd crossing of the day, not leaving at 12pm but 4pm instead. We decided to go for a scenic drive and then have lunch at a hotel by the ferry place. Got to the ferry place - Port Howard - to be told the ferry was cancelled for at least one day if not more. Allen needed to get back for work so he caught a local flight - FIGAS, luckily a plane was just landing and had one space on it. So we were stranded! Only one place to stay, a self catering place with mice droppings to boot! Luckily we'd got enough food to cope for the night and the local hotel, that was full, gave us a bottle of wine. Not sure I would have coped without it! So Mothers Day went a bit wrong really but at least we had a roof I suppose. Still no ferry the next day and I was getting a bit worried. Luckily Allen had managed to get us on a helicopter and after a trip to the local 'shop' stocking up on chocolate we all felt a great deal better. They even had coke zero in this small shop, can't get that on base.

Helicopter arrived at 3pm but it was very windy and I felt sick for the entire flight - very up and down. Abi feel asleep as soon as it took off and Jacob loved it. I was just pleased to arrive home in one piece and not to have to stay in mice filled accommodation for another night!

Anyway the West was good but next time I'll be booking helicopter/flights and not relying on the ferry unless there's space in the nicer hotel. It was definitely as experience for us all. So the car is on the West Island. Hopefully it will appear this side at some point soon. I don't care really as I'm pleased to be home.

Hope all's well



ceri said...

nice pic of you, rachael. the rock climbing sounds fun; the helicopter ride . . . not so much.

every now and again, i buy a coke zero and think of you.

owen's parcel arrived today! will keep it safe until april 3.

carriesweatland said...

What an adventure! It shows what you can do, if you have to. It would still be fun, regardless. I've remained busy this entire week, but with a different set of classes. It's much easier to be in charge of grading/planning and the like. There isn't much else to report. Hope all is well there. Say hello to the kids for us! Our best, Carrie